John McAfee Interview: Software Millionaire on the Run

ABC News' Matt Gutman spoke to the millionaire turned person-of-interest in neighbor's homicide.
3:00 | 11/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for John McAfee Interview: Software Millionaire on the Run
Let's get to the software millionaire turned murder suspect. Abc's matt gutman is in belize, WHERE HE SPOKE WITH john McAfee by phone yesterday. Reporter: As we tried to find john McAfee late wednesday, the increasingly paranoid american millionaire, now on the run from police here in belize, found us. When we say we meet, when we say we're going to talk tomorrow, does that mean face-to-face? We'll talk on the phone first. Talking face-to-face is going to be a very difficult thing, sir. Because people know you are a reporter. You may not think you're being followed. But I assure you are. Reporter: The bizarre phone CONVERSATION, McAFEE TOLD US HE Didn't murder his neighbor, greg faull, saturday night. I'm certainly innocent of the charges that are leveled against me in the press. Reporter: You're innocent of the charges. Police say he is a person of interest but have not called him a suspect or charged him. DESPITE THAT, McAFEE SAYS, HE'S Now in hiding, fearful of what he calls a corrupt government. What you're saying and what i think you've been saying for a couple of days now, is you're sincerely concerned that if you wind up in their custody, they're going to assassinate you? Absolutely. Reporter: The minister taunting McAfee wednesday. He's extremely fair paranoid. And I would say bonkers. Reporter: And police say they have good reason to question him. This document obtained exclusively by abc news, shows that after a month he was murdered, faull complained to authorities about his neighbor tycoon. FAULL TOLD police McAfee's security was walking around with shotguns at night, menacing people. Even complaining of taxis at all hours of the night, bearing girls to the house. THEN ON FRIDAY, McAFEE SAID HE Found four of his dogs poisoned. The next day, faull was dead. He is a respecter of the laws. And came in and talk to the police. Reporter: If these recent PHOTOS IN "WIRED," McAFEE SAYS The media has portrayed him as gun-obsessed and insane. You used to not walk around armed, you're saying? I used to walk around armed. But only with a pistol in a hol store. Reporter: And he bristols at suggests that he's insane. Matt gutman, abc news, san pedro, belize.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Matt Gutman spoke to the millionaire turned person-of-interest in neighbor's homicide.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17725777","title":"John McAfee Interview: Software Millionaire on the Run","url":"/GMA/video/john-mcafee-interview-phone-software-millionaire-run-belize-17725777"}