Jon Hamm Talks 'Million Dollar Arm' and 'Mad Men'

How a real-life love set the stage for his latest big screen flick.
11:22 | 05/16/14

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Transcript for Jon Hamm Talks 'Million Dollar Arm' and 'Mad Men'
We can delivered a Major League Baseball its first Indian -- player. That's billion new friends. We will billion new fans need billion -- Doing T shirts. And you want to set this up like it just -- can't exactly that would ensure maximum exposure talent to press. He was from northern following these guys who bring him back here we train them and away. We get them signed with a professional franchise. What -- time. Two years. Can you do -- -- one. Sure. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn when we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie happening right now called million dollar arm and because John -- in -- It doesn't mean that Don Draper has gone back. And is now on the future and it morphed into a sports agent it doesn't mean that at all. Because it's entirely different and John welcome to the -- thank you for having to do about it yet so it's a whole live thing -- -- it's it's it's it's nice it's nice to be in the in the present day and then almost -- like 20020020082. It's a close enough yet close enough we'll take it still some would call it appeared he had thrown you know we're not listening very symbol. -- -- -- -- -- What was it about this one. That got you interest I'm on the mass of baseball and and it was a true story that I had not heard posters and somehow it went -- -- radar. But the story is inspiring in the story is aspirations well. Baseball serves -- backdrop for the story to tell about these two guys who are given this wonderful opportunity to serve. Find a new path and and having a chance to meet both the real GB of person who live place should be reversed its -- -- useful. Endeavor and also -- and diminished to. Two prospects who found in India brought back to states and trained to be professional pictures. More learned about it the more I was just. And for all by by this wonderful. Story and how -- became this kind of family together. It's strange because it in the whole world of reality that we now live reality -- this is what TB was doing wasn't yes he was he was basically saying I'll make. I can't find any pictures I can't find anybody so I'll go to India and find some people play cricket. Right. There's that you know there's an awful lot of people in India. And the how many good pitches to map but the math was such that they had to figure that that the percentages had to work out that of course there are wonderful athletes over there maybe he could. Find some people with a specific skills. That would translate into into Major League Baseball and an oddly enough the thought process behind it was of course cricket because it's it's. Sort of a progenitor of of baseball but what he ended up finding was -- was javelin roar and a few. These two wonderful athletes who were able to -- equipment raw materials able to to move that ball. And significantly. Quick way and he was able to train them open and literally within a year of them first touching of a baseball for the first time they were able to. To hone their skills through to a place where there were prospects that the Major League level. And win some. And they because this is the American -- yes. It's very much about the American dream and votes in both senses from -- -- perspective and of course Henry condolences perspective. And it's a fish out of water tale about this guy going to India having to manage this incredibly different culture in this -- -- -- -- on the other side in the world. And then find these two guys bring them out of their comfort zone bring them back to -- -- and speak English that they're not from the game all of them -- -- -- And they had to learn all so they had to really truly apply themselves in a very very specific way. And and take advantage of this opportunity and and they were able to its. In you know again if I was able to talk to my eighteen year old self from someone back -- and would say you know -- -- to put you in this. In this advanced training facility and by the end of -- you're going to be able to compete at the Major League level I -- been. You know I would have been dumb founded first of all but also amazingly. Happy to get the opportunity to do something. That I completely which -- well what about -- he'd -- playing this real guy. You know did you hang with him that's what you -- I met him over and in India over before we started shooting. And he was prepping them that the next season of -- million dollar arms and the contest has grown exponentially it's attracted the attention of Major League Baseball there they're putting. Resources into it -- and really supporting -- and and not dissimilar to how the -- started these academies in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela and -- really started to get a groundswell of of support for for this sport. Which obviously one hand washes the other because you know. That a principal huge market for major repairs father's death when money involved in America well -- this resistant -- the other part of the American community well. But -- -- -- presents an opportunity for for these kids that come from these. Places and you were there aren't that many opportunities and and here's another avenue for them to find success in the and to build a life -- the built a career. Do you have a sportsman and that is like your favorite something you would watch -- -- -- I have several. Go back to being a kid and him and low absolutely loving the bad news bears and wanting to be on that team a little kid wanted to me. Tanner Boyle and wanted to. Flirt with Tatum O'Neal's character and -- -- aftermath out of my dad somehow I don't know it was like that was a whole everybody yes it was a that movie was fantastic. You growing up wanted to -- this didn't wasn't it like we did a lot -- did baseball -- football you do. I was swimming I was -- -- were first Catholic high school but -- rapidly realized that my talent level probably plateaued around 1819 years old. I'm wondering that point where you're saying your eighteen bird like sentencing now and -- do this what makes you take the next step to acting. What we looking for girls. Mostly it was it was something that I had I had consistently got. And good feedback I was a good student was a good athlete I was I was I was. I had opportunities but this. For whatever reasons one thing acting I kept I kept. Falling back into and then getting good feedback -- people who are respected his opinions are respected teachers and directors and and people that have worked in the in the industry in some capacity -- -- you know you're -- -- that she should do it. And and it's easy to say to someone else because. Implicit in you should do it means you should probably struggle for quite some time also those -- -- -- you're gonna hear no allies. It it rarely happens that changes your first time -- you can. A game changing experience. And it certainly didn't for me it took it took quite some time before -- was you know able to sort of make a living doing but it. The more -- did at the more elected in the more positive feedback I got from the more that that in two. Realizing that maybe have made the right choice may view it is something. Could could excel and and you know and just try to string together enough stuff -- until you until you get an opportunity that that really enables people to to see which you can do. What you're doing in terms of your career this -- You are now we're. Now winding up the first half of the last -- amendment. And you're starting to shoot the last seven episodes that you won't tell me anything about it's true so I won't even go there because I know even if I put -- and the popcorn you don't want it I don't know that yet so that's the truth I've -- I really -- But I want to know how much you live with Don Draper while even when the time isn't finished those episodes per season is -- day. -- -- -- No. It it goes away as soon as the suicide to some growth from walk -- -- it's hard to -- months that's -- it's been. It's been it's been -- tricky. As you have things were starting to see. With the episodes that -- fair it's been a tricky rod for him this season started very low -- kind of trying to. To work his way back into the good graces of essentially everyone in the office -- you. And -- and Joan and ever and that everyone. So it's it's a journey for him and it and it's hard you know it's hard to kind of stay in -- -- all of them their most most days. But once I'm done in the -- comes off American -- can. Chisel the -- the gel lot of my hair and and go home it's it's it's home time is is -- it's. Really home via their current cover of Vanity Fair isn't very wonderful picture view -- -- Hansen law and then saying. In a very kind of shock. -- -- way. They -- of life -- doc Draper. Golf course not that must be the answer I read the article there's nothing for me hope hope -- not -- take via to a pastor. -- would be a disaster well. In your career so far there's that side of you that place that but there's also -- -- that's can be -- its board could be in 30 Rock. And BA and -- easing goof ball somebody that. -- who was the new year. Well it's probably he. Is much closer to -- that's been done from the -- Riverside. I've been incredibly lucky to have some very very talented comic actors choose me to be stand next basically. Weather and whether it's Lorne Michaels tapping me on the shoulder and asking for one of of course out of our lives -- the -- Tia Thomas it's. Andy -- asking to be Sergio. Christine wig -- to -- in bridesmaids and fourteen asking me to be -- thirty -- and it's a genuine honor to be used to be asked to be part of that world especially when you're considered by most to be part of the. Stifel. I think musical comedies and snowboard. You probably haven't heard me -- so but that's how we end -- -- But that it -- just something that you home something that's in your head but something that you. Think tomorrow. Some think told that you know how could this I've never seen. Very as they look exactly what what -- what the song we've been singers. I -- nasty. This is the one that's been had on getting in trouble from this address that said some some controversial things about him. But it's just in beavers -- I'll come -- just this baby baby baby. -- -- ago kids we're gonna send him that old man yeah. That they'll be done now on that I would think that -- It's that. What -- -- it looked.

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{"duration":"11:22","description":"How a real-life love set the stage for his latest big screen flick.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23752636","title":"Jon Hamm Talks 'Million Dollar Arm' and 'Mad Men'","url":"/GMA/video/jon-hamm-interview-2014-mad-men-star-film-23752636"}