Josh Brolin on Latest Role in 'Sin City' Sequel

The actor discusses playing a private investigator in gritty noir film.
3:35 | 08/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Josh Brolin on Latest Role in 'Sin City' Sequel
Made a career out of playing tough guys with a tender side and in his new film, "Sin city: A dame to kill for" he plays a private investigator tangled up with that dame. Take a look. It's worse than you can imagine. You made your bed. Sleep in it. Forgive me darling, I beg you. I love you. No. No. No! You do that again, I swear to hell I'll kill you. One confused guy. Josh brolin. Excellent kiss there. Let's get in the mood. Okay. We'll play -- there we are, black and white. Not bad. Just for you. Bring your voice down. You got to talk like had. Your voice is way down. You have to do it through the segment. I have to do that. Very to go down like that. That's as low as -- hi, I'm George stephanopoulos, hi, how are you, we are josh brolin here. How are you? Great. How are you? Really well. You are in the ultimate co-dependent relationship in this movie. I am. It is. It is the quintessential co-dependent relationship and I get to do it with this amazing French actress who I get to kiss and get a little taste of French there. She's amazing. She was very nervous. You know, it's like green screen, all this stuff. It's very different. You've worked with green screens before, obviously "Men in black." This is different. You go in there and literally the corner of the whole warehouse is green. You shoot in one part of the warehouse the whole time so you go in and say I'm driving a car. There will be a steering shaft or steering wheel, three green apple boxes and you're surrounded by green the whole time so you don't really know what you're doing until you see the movie. How does it affect how you act? What do you have to do differently. Resort to imagination. You don't. You resort to his, frank miller's drawings and Robert Rodriguez is sitting there and he's a very inspired guy and saying, okay, this is on a cliff and you're tortured here. Now you'll kiss ava and you're kind of like a puppet. You know, he's the grand master puppeteer and you're doing what he says enawe see the movie, and you go, this is what we did? This is amazing. Also in a big action movie this summer. "Guardians of the galaxy." That was fun. That was fun. That was a good decision. I'll bet it was. I didn't know until later. We went to comic-con and they had me do this thing. They did this avengers panel and said, look, Kevin says put on this gauntlet in your hand -- you know, I'm picturing myself a serious actor and go out there and there's 7,000 fans and then you actually do it and people go insane. Craze. I see they go insane and the fact they accept you as this character means everything. If you don't get it right you won't last long. If they accept you it means you're coming back. Which I have a feeling I am. I'm glad the movie did as well as it did. It's throwback Thursday. I could not believe this, 30th anniversary of "Goonies" coming up. I know. It's amazing. We had a Twitter question coming in saying, will you be in "Goonies ii." Do you want me to answer that? I don't know. The viewers want you to answer that. The viewers -- I don't know. Man, they've been talking about it since we finished the film. 30 years ago. 30 years ago so maybe when I'm around 80, you know. The seek. Goonies with a walker and tennis balls. Thanks for coming in. Josh brolin, "Sin city: A dame to kill for" hits theaters nationwide this Friday.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"The actor discusses playing a private investigator in gritty noir film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25066464","title":"Josh Brolin on Latest Role in 'Sin City' Sequel","url":"/GMA/video/josh-brolin-interview-2014-actor-latest-role-sin-25066464"}