Josh Brolin on Playing a Tough LA Cop in 'Gangster Squad'

Josh Brolin discusses his real-life run-in with the police, and what it's like to work with Sean Penn.
4:12 | 01/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Josh Brolin on Playing a Tough LA Cop in 'Gangster Squad'
-- is -- don't just throw -- back with us today to talk about his new movie gangster squad. The drama set in -- -- post war golden age he teams up Padilla was Sean Penn playing a tough LA cop who takes on notorious mob boss Mickey Cohen. Take a look at him in action. We succeed nobody will ever know we've done it no medals. No promotion. But I'm here to tell you there's -- -- waiting for the man who hesitates. Right now are only advantage is that he won't know who we are. So I have only one rule in this -- -- v.s at home. We're not solve the case here. Going to war. In some troubles commonly just -- camera and I thought I see when I -- about as a guy who had to get up at 4:30 in the morning and work out. After work had to work out and had to look like that women like -- is pleased with the but I got a lot of love I love the look. But he did say I've read read this that he felt a real personal connection in this movie in this part no I wanted to it's not about -- -- The guard has permanently that's -- -- guy's incredible honor I hope that I do and I you know I aspire to be a guy like this -- -- is this is a real good. This is a real good -- and Sean Penn's a real bad guy and I personally but professionally. So it's nice to have this kind of Shakespearean good bad thing -- You know it's a different kind of role for me it's you know it is it's a popcorn he fond. But there's a lot of great character work under days that you lot of laughs but also it's a real drama it's what and what it cats and that's -- -- only Sean and Ryan Gosling yeah. Emma Stone and Nick Nolte drive comes in this is -- unsolved did you see Nick Nolte came to the premiere of the he was in the road. It is really going through ever. I -- but I -- -- -- are about to fired him and I also was fired into the explain why he was in the -- now he can count and -- obviously American a warrior on the road because. And you're on the red carpet was Sean -- the second time you -- work together -- -- Of course in in milk and -- can you explain what was behind this cannot -- -- -- -- the -- I didn't -- -- barely an hour here and I took the pictures together right I don't it's not a fake -- is that what you're alluding to Vegas we don't have the photo but I remember seeing -- -- -- -- -- -- Very very very dark I -- that he came to the premiere with a -- he's been really healthy he's been running four miles a day. He's been in Haiti's been doing all these great things and you know it has no time to put on make up from -- -- -- -- -- shows up Shanahan he literally came from Haiti right between. I don't know what consumers honor and that he's done a lot he's done -- is done a lot of really great work and we're gonna work together again this summer we have another summer. Crazy for this storm hormonal -- book he's gonna directive American. -- -- Tesoro was looking for some excellent -- -- got to ask you gotta tell what happened on New Year's Day. New Year's that's what happened -- army on the one guy who's out there and I go hey that's -- let's grab him. You know it was new years it was a pretty innocent thing that was a fun thing. And it's all -- you know and that in the all the most awful thing about it is you see this shot of me like this. They don't show you the other shot when I turn and I have a huge smile on my face -- you know whatever they were very the only -- -- dollars and it's always you know and then you sensationalizing you -- it into something else but whatever but you kind of grew up in this world -- you didn't. Immediately. Take acting what made you decide to get -- I'm wanted to be a lawyer and then I realized it was the same thing. We're gonna have to explain that opera or I wanted to you know and then and I can like put all this together and wanted to get into criminal law of all friends you know and I. So I've -- at everything and I'm doing exactly what I want him playing along men engaged now but it's true you're sitting there and I love this whole like twelve angry men and I started getting into you know watch these movies and the started getting into criminal -- on what is -- working with juries in this and convincing people of that and -- attacked so. This this was it was the odds were worse but I wanted to go for this Tinsley with the owners of pretty pretty damn good choice -- -- you're doing great effort great to see nice to see.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"Josh Brolin discusses his real-life run-in with the police, and what it's like to work with Sean Penn.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18168943","title":"Josh Brolin on Playing a Tough LA Cop in 'Gangster Squad'","url":"/GMA/video/josh-brolin-interview-gangster-squad-star-plays-tough-18168943"}