Julia Roberts is People magazine's most beautiful woman of 2017

People magazine's Jess Cagle appears live on "GMA" to discuss how its staff made the tough decision.
4:05 | 04/19/17

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Transcript for Julia Roberts is People magazine's most beautiful woman of 2017
A bump Nothing says "Good morning America" like goats in pjs and nothing says good morning like the world's most beautiful "People's" list and revealed the pretty woman on the cover Julia Roberts. A great friend of our show and take a look at our favorite moments with her over the past years. Did we just become best friends. We might have. Oh, my goodness. Last time we talked, I had the biggest smile on my face because you said we were best friends. Is it still true. If you returned my weekly phone calls I would probably keep it moving better. We learned something about you a couple weeks back on Jimmy Kimmel. Quite a mouth. You and sallyfield. Let me say for the record I could have blown her away. Do you have a favorite thing about being a parent? I love it all. I mean, I love it when it's easy and I love it when it's challenging and I love being able to go to bed at 8:30. Isn't that great? What is the first thing you look at when you see somebody? I guess, you know, your eyes, your smile, probably your eyes. Yours are twinkly. I'm blushing. Thank you. And that's when you say, oh -- Oh, boy. And now we're joined by "People" magazine editor in chief Jess Cagle. There's something about Julia Roberts. Her fifth time on the cover. Why do you keep going back to her? She's been famous a very, very long time and very popular, so that is in her favor but she's also a person who just keeps getting better as she matures. Better looking now than she ever has been, looks great and gets better in life. If you're my age you group up with Julia Roberts and you watched her go through a lot and, you know, now she's in this very, very happy marriage. She's got three great kids and she's carved out this really simple perfect private life for herself away from the spotlight. That's difficult to do when you're Julia Roberts. Very difficult. Her beauty comes from within and there are a lot of beautiful people in the magazine. Beautiful couples. Who is your favorite beautiful couple. Well, you know, there are a lot. Tom and Gisele and Justin and Jessica a bunch. But my favorite Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello. I can vouch for that. I can vouch for that. I mean, look, it's like -- it's like tarzan and Jessica rabbit got married. Like who doesn't want to look at that? Oh, man, that's a good analogy and our very own George Stephanopoulos' why Ali Wentworth contributed to this and wrote an essay on when to do a cosmetic fix and when to say enough is enough. What was her take on that. You know, I wanted Ali to be in the world's most beautiful issue. Even though she pretends not to be beautiful as George will tell you, she is beautiful. Very beautiful. But her take on cosmetic surgery is, of course, very, very funny and she doesn't want to do it. But she says her friends are now all passing out, you know, plastic surgeons' numbers like 10-year-olds with baseball cards. Everything she does with so much humor she's serious but you get a chance to laugh as well. Fabulous faces of 2017. Emma stone, I see Emma stone right there and Janelle monae. What made you choose them. Emma stone, obviously beautiful, incredibly talented. The best thing about Emma stone is probably what hasn't happened yet. You know, only 28 years old and just this incredible talent, Janelle mona, a musician, fantastic. And then all of a sudden this past year she showed what an amazing actor she is right out of the gate. Beautiful, they all deserve it. You deserve it, Michael Strahan. The world's most beautiful

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{"id":46876902,"title":"Julia Roberts is People magazine's most beautiful woman of 2017","duration":"4:05","description":"People magazine's Jess Cagle appears live on \"GMA\" to discuss how its staff made the tough decision. ","url":"/GMA/video/julia-roberts-people-magazines-beautiful-woman-2017-46876902","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}