Julie Andrews Reflects Back on Impact of 'The Sound of Music'

The British actress discusses the famed musical and upcoming 50th anniversary special with Diane Sawyer.
7:33 | 03/10/15

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Transcript for Julie Andrews Reflects Back on Impact of 'The Sound of Music'
That's because, you know, times square is alive with the sound of music. Oh, that voice, unmistakable. It is an honor, it is the 50th anniversary of this wonderful film, a year-long celebration taking place including today's release of a special five-disc box set and we have dame Julie Andrews herself with us. Hello. We'll take a look back. Do you mind if we take a little stroll down memory lane? I don't mind at all. Here we go. ? Let's start at the very beginning ? Reporter: It all started with a young Julie Andrews nearly turning down the role of maria fearing it was too much like her Mary poppins character. ? How do you solve the problem like maria ? Reporter: But it's a problem she shoveled turning the story of a groung governor necessary who wins the Von Trapp children through song in less than a year to a blockbuster. ? The hills are alive re, mi. ? Ray a drop of golden sun not. Reporter: Brought back to life by lady gaga at this year's oscars. ? Are a few of my favorite things. Reporter: After a century for winning the statue for best picture. That was magical for me too. I do not say this lightly. It is a privilege to have Julie Andrews with us again here. Champi Wonderful, thank you. 50 years? I was just saying I think it's a joke. I mean I think somebody pulled a fast one on me because it feels -- I lost 20 years somewhere. Surely it's only 30 years but till -- You could not have imagined 50 years ago -- No, never. -- That this -- Who, if somebody said 50 years ago you'll be sitting one day and it will be 50 years from now, how could you possibly imagine that? You couldn't. Why do you think it resonates with generation after generation after generation? Well, there's the obvious one which is that every seven year there's a new generation and they get introduced to it but then the film has to be pretty good to last that long anyway. It was one of the wonderfully crafted Hollywood movies and it's full of joy and love and family and adventure and it's got children and nuns and scenery and beautiful music so somewhere in there is the secret. Yes, it is. Ette a beautiful secret and it's one that shared from family to family and as you say -- They do pass it on. I hear so many of our staffers who say -- who are younger than the -- Us. Right. Especially me. They say they know the film because they go to their grandparents and they play it. Right. What -- They share the memories of it. What is it like for you when you watch it? What is your fondest memory. I don't as a rule, robin. No. I mean occasionally like this morning I'll bump into it and it's like an old friend and the memories are great, though. The pleasure of making it and friendship with children and Christopher continues and I see him a lot and the children were always in some contact one way or another. You said old friend but a new friend, lady gaga. Oh, a new friend. Yes. I've always been a fan but when she finished what she was doing on stage, I think I found a new friend. She said it was magical. It was for me. Yes. You know, we're going to have another magical moment because you and Diane sawyer have cooked up this wonderful special. Come in, Diane. Hello, hello. Hello, my love. Well -- Sit, sit. An announcement to make today. Tell me about it. We do. We are announcing that the two of us went back to Austria. We did last year. And we visited the scenes of "The sound of music" and I'm going to show you just a few of our home movies. My first viewing. You'll hear the hilarious things that happened there and hear what she was really thinking as she's walking toward Christopher plummer. I find your mountain, thank you very much. I almost never recovered from that mountain and, of course, "Do, re, mi" and enlist tourists and everyone can do the songs and the dances and we danced that fountain. I'm telling you. We did. And you did everything. I mean, we never stopped giggling and laughing and talking. We didn't. We got to go to the real Von Trapp house and see the way the real maria walked up to that gate in her funny outfit. Yes. This was the first time you were able to go. I never saw the original villa because for the movie, we created a slightly more -- a slightly bigger house and that countryside. And the schedule was simply death-defying up every morning so early working so late but there was never any time to go do what we did as tourists and it's a wonderful, wonderful occasion. How long does it run? It is going to run for an hour. It's going to be next Wednesday, not tomorrow. But the next Wednesday night. Wow. For an hour. So come with us to "The sound of music" and it's amazing. All I can say if this is any indication of what we'll see in that special, we're going to be in great hands. How was it for you emotionally to go back to these iconic places? It was kind of -- I thought I might be nostalgic or sad but in fact it was very affirming in some strange way. I mean, it hasn't changed that much. But the big difference is that the tourism is based on mozart and soupdz. Everywhere you go you see the tour advertised, plaster add cross the buses. That was never there when we were filming. People come and re-create the scene so you're in austriaing looking around and families are recreating all the scenes. I have to say that beautiful cathedral, that church is so gorgeous. It really. It was a wonderful moment and so was the moment when we're doing "Do, re, mi." You have to see because at one point Julie turns to me and says, you're no help at all. Did I really? You did. And you were so -- I kept confusing so, la. You were on the wrong steps and everything. That's Diane. She gets an "A" for effort. A week from -- From tomorrow night. The untold story. It is untold story and we have great scenes. We have home movies. We have real scenes of what was really happening in all of the movies. Some are quite moving and beautiful. They are. Yeah then lots and lots of memories and reminisce senses. A love story as you said at every level. She made it so. You breezed into town and we never stopped working and we never stopped laughing. We didn't. So moving. I hope everyone will join us. We certainly will. Diane, always a treasure and you, thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you, robin. You both made it so beautiful this morning. Thank you. No, you did. Be sure to watch Diane's primetime special "The untold shore story of the sound of music" next Wednesday here on ABC.

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{"duration":"7:33","description":"The British actress discusses the famed musical and upcoming 50th anniversary special with Diane Sawyer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29524676","title":"Julie Andrews Reflects Back on Impact of 'The Sound of Music'","url":"/GMA/video/julie-andrews-reflects-back-impact-sound-music-29524676"}