Kanye West Taken to LA Hospital After 'Acting Erratically'

Authorities were called to his trainer's home for a medical emergency, just days after a bizarre concert appearance in Sacramento.
4:16 | 11/22/16

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Transcript for Kanye West Taken to LA Hospital After 'Acting Erratically'
together and thinking of them. We move on to that health care for Kanye west. He's been hospitalized after a series of bizarre rants on stage and his tour canceled. His wife Kim Kardashian rushing home to be by his side and Nick watt is in Los Angeles with the latest. Good morning, Nick. Reporter: Good morning, George. Well, right now Kanye west is under observation at this hospital. Behind me a source telling us he is suffering from exhaustion and sleep deprivation and that he checked himself in voluntarily. The call came in at 1:20 P.M. Medical emergency at a west Hollywood address. LAPD and fire department responding, according to TMZ west was at his trainer's home, quote, acting erratically. ??? To a woman so heartless jooet qua ??? Reporter: Earlier they had can sauled all dates of his "Saint Pablo" tour and his wife was supposed to make her first public appearance since she was held at gunpoint and robbed in Paris last month. She's been living the quiet life ever since but skipped the comeback event reportedly flying home to be with her husband. He did something similar after her robbery. I'm sorry. Family emergency. I have to stop the show. Whatever is happening with Kanye maybe we're about to see a change from both of them. Maybe not. Reporter: The "Gold digger" singer is famously unpredictably and provocative. In 2009 he storaged the VMA stage as Taylor Swift accepted an award. I'm going to let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. Reporter: Saturday night in Sacramento -- Stop it, stop it. Reporter: Was maybe the first hint all is really not well. Kicking off his gig 90 minutes late then more venting than singing. It's a new world, Hillary Clinton. It's a new world. Everybody in middle America showed how they felt. He has this fashion line losing tons of money. On this monumentally expensive tour. That's a lot of pressure. Reporter: Then literally dropping the Mike. Show's over. Reporter: Gone after just a half hour on stage. Two days later, he's in the hospital. And there is no word yet on when he may be released and sent home but this morning, there is a lot of love and support for Kanye west all over social media. George. Okay, Nick, thanks. We'll bring in former editor and chief of "People" magazine, Larry Hackett. So, Larry, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, sounds serious. It does. I think when you're hospitalized for something like in this is not someone who can't get sleep. It seems like something way more serious. I don't know any pop star who's seemed more unhappy than Kanye west. He had -- About what. He has critical acclaim and all these other things but seems to be -- he just doesn't get enough attention. He seems to always have -- he's constantly having fights with people whether it's Taylor Swift or now Jay Z and Beyonce and sets up these sort of feuds. You saw him really get a huge reaction at his concert by saying he voted for Donald Trump. No, he didn't vote -- Would have voted for Donald Trump. A double whammy there. He -- I don't want to be too glib about this but seems to crave attention and has for a very long time and the accolades he gets when it comes to his music don't seem to be enough. He just has to be in the public eye. And the timing a little bit strange, the same night that Kim was supposed to re-emerge in the public spotlight. Just watching that report, the same night Kim was attacked in Paris to honor her father who was involved in the O.J. Simpson case, this is like a pop culture fruitcake. I mean the amount of connects these people have around them and yet still, you know, chaos and what seems to be unhappiness. How does someone like Kanye re-emerge from something like this. I think professionally there will be a great amount of attention. When he gets out of the hospital, back into the studio, when he's reunited with Kim, this is the stuff of the life he leads, you know, in the public sphere. What happens with the music and what happens with what the art is, that remains to be seen. It seems as if the art has become secondary to the kind of public posture and public life. Sure seems like it. Hackett hablth, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Authorities were called to his trainer's home for a medical emergency, just days after a bizarre concert appearance in Sacramento.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43713829","title":"Kanye West Taken to LA Hospital After 'Acting Erratically'","url":"/GMA/video/kanye-west-la-hospital-acting-erratically-43713829"}