Katey Sagal opens up about her past drug addiction in new memoir

The actress appears on "GMA" to discuss her new book, "Grace Notes: My Recollections."
5:08 | 03/30/17

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Transcript for Katey Sagal opens up about her past drug addiction in new memoir
Sagal is opening up about life in the spotlight. Revealing a side of herself that many haven't seen in her new memoir "Grace notes: My recollections" will speak in a moment. But first a look at her story. Daddy is going to be in a mood. Just tell him I went shopping. We know her as the busty big haired Peggy Bundy pushing the envelope for 11 years on the show "Married with children." And more recently as jemma on "Sons of anarchy." Despite the character she plays there's another side of her many haven't seen before. Singer and songwriter. ??? Reporter: And now in her new memoir, "Grace notes," she's peeling back the curtain like never before revealing some of the darkest moments in her storied life and career. ??? But only love can make -- Great to have katey Sagal here. For your first live interview about your book "Grace notes." We're excited you decided to come here first. I'm so happy you had me. You know what, you have played so many iconic characters. Who didn't love Peggy Bundy? I had a crush on Peggy Bundy. Did you? That kind of transfers to you. Ah. But you know this is a different side of you we see in the book. Why did you decide to write something so personal? Well, it started as sort of journalling for my children. I wanted them -- first of all, I like to write so I thought, you know, my parents had passed on young and I wanted my children to know about me, know about our history, not that they hadn't known quite a bit of it already by the time I wrote the book. But I just -- I just started that way and before I knew it became more than that. You were very open in the book. Yeah. You talked about drug addiction, alcohol addiction. And did you have any reservations about writing about that? No, you know, I've been in recovery for 30 years now. So I -- and it's a part of the way I live my life, that in order for me to tell the stories to my children, it would have to be a part of that. Because it is the way I live my life and it is kind of the way I've raised my family and it's just a big, big part of me, so you had to know what happened to know where I am now. And the addiction started innocently enough as a teenager taking diet pills. Yep. And escalated from there. Escalated. I definitely took to those diet pills. It was sort of a -- you know, I have that kind of compulsive personality that goes along with substances and so it started that way and then it just escalated from there. And you speak about your kids and in this book you wrote three chapters, one to each your kids like love letters to them. Right. Did they -- I think you said they knew some of what happened but did they know everything about your life before you wrote this book? No, I think there's some surprises for them but mostly as they've been age appropriate I raised my children very honestly knowing that I've made mistakes and sort of gives them the -- that we all make mistakes. It just, you know, I didn't want to paint a picture of perfection as a parent, so but I did let them read my older two, I let them read the chapters before I put it in the book and they had notes and -- As your kids do. Like, mom, really, do you have to say that? So I putted back a few things from them and but I if he would that basically, you know, it was interesting -- I didn't write a linear story about any of them. I sort of came at it the way, you know, in the moment of telling a story, so it wasn't like you were born and then this happened and then that happened. And each one of them I have a different relationship with, so it kind of, you know, gets to them through my experience with them. You talk about you are surprising them. Surprised me. The musical career. You opened for Etta James and sang background for Bette midler. And you got fired by Bob Dylan so you've had a lot of different things. Yes. Wow. Amazing. Yeah, well, that was really my first career choice was I wanted to be a singer/songwriter and I did throughout my 20s I made oreos, I was on the road and I didn't really come to acting till my late 20s when I burned a lot of bridges in the music department and, you know, just sort of the doors opened in another area for me and it just kind of happened like that but, yeah, my background is music and I always play music and I still have a band and make records and I do it because I love it. I tell you what we love you and the work you do and we're glad you switched over to acting because we all get to benefit from it for a long time. Thank you. Katey, thank you so much. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"The actress appears on \"GMA\" to discuss her new book, \"Grace Notes: My Recollections.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46457218","title":"Katey Sagal opens up about her past drug addiction in new memoir","url":"/GMA/video/katey-sagal-opens-past-drug-addiction-memoir-46457218"}