New Kids on the Block Announces Summer Tour

The legendary pop group is teaming up with TLC and Nelly for a summer tour.
6:11 | 01/20/15

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Transcript for New Kids on the Block Announces Summer Tour
I won the arm wrestling match to ginger. Huge blockhead as we all are. The moment we're waiting for. Thrilled to have new kids on the block with us. Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan and Jonathan knight, joey Mcintyre and Danny wood. We've been teasing people all morning long. What's at announcement. We have decided to reform again, not that we have broken up but we are going to go back out on tour this summer which is great news for our fans. We haven't toured in the U.S. For a couple of years and it's a huge thing for us and our fans, as you see, they were out there in 35-degree weather and we decided to bring some special guests on tour with us. It's called the main event. The main event tour. Starting in Las Vegas. It starts in Las Vegas. May 1st. Amex presale is Friday and tickets go on sale January 3 9/. What are you doing this time? I hear it's in the round. In the round. In the round. It's sort of more in the square and we built bar seats around the stage so our fans can literally sit right on the stage and converse with us and hang out and heckle us and we can share their snacks and drinks if we want to and the stage is the most elaborate stage we've ever done really in the history of our band. It's going to be incredible. Lifts and pop-ups and all types of amazing things. That's so you guys with your fans -- these people have been out since last night lining -- do you get the same rush too? It's more now, I think it's more. When we were kids, it was exhilarating but it's just -- everything goes so fast. When you get older you have more of an appreciation. An athlete that gets to come back. Michael Jordan came out of retirement and was a better player because the game slowed down. We're more appreciative of the fans and enjoy the moments much more. You've been great with the fans. Very interactive as always. So I mean it's big enough having you guys. But you have some special guests. We do. You have some special guests so they're telling me -- are they ready? Are they ready to come out? Let's see. We are bringing with us the biggest girl group in the history of music -- Come out, ladies. Tlc. Hey. Hi, everybody. This is hits right here. This is hits. The girl group. Sit down, sit down. How did this all come about? Well -- Well -- She said, well. Well, actually we did a show together. We were on a show together last year at Hershey and I think, you know, we all fell in love at that time and I think that's when the ideas started to brew and when our manager called us and we were like, hey, yeah, you know, so I think it's a perfect combination. I love how they're looking at you right now. Get out there. Yeah. Vice versa. We heard Lara talking in "Pop news" about kickstarter how this final -- you say it's your final one. I hope it's not your final album but decided to go that route because you wanted to have all this control with the music. Yep, absolutely. We wanted our fans involved with us too and do kickstarter. You guys making a pledge. We're pledging right now, $10,000. Oh! 10,000. Going in. It's going in. Joey, you okay? Hey, you heard that. That's very generous. We love these guys. You got to do a duet with us. One duet. Are you kid yg. A pleasure. We would love that. I love breaking news right here on this couch. This is terrific. But yet there's one more that's going to be joining the main event. Could not be here but has a special message. Yo, good morning, America. Sorry I couldn't be there right now. I'm currently in Japan performing for our troops but I will be on the main event tour with the homies new kids on the block and the homegirls tlc. That's right so make sure y'all come, show up. Come on. Show up, baby. It's a good thing, show out means -- what does it mean exactly. Show out. A great show. Yes, it's going to be awesome. What are you telling people at home that are just their jaws are on the floor thinking about Nelly, tlc, new kids on the block, what can they expect this summer. One big huge massive party. That's a lot of hit records in one night so I'm excited. I'm going to put on a disguise and watch you guys perform and Nelly perform and then go and do the so and get hyped in the crowd every night. I'm excited. You should be because the fans, as I said, they have been lining up. This is the kind of music that just, you know, makes us think of different times and just brings us such joy and so you're going to have a mix of some old, new kind of -- a little bit of everything. Mix it up all night and may do some stuff together. This is such a great bill and we have so many hit records and such huge followings we want to make it the party of the year. That's why we're calling it the main event. Real entertainment. Pure entertainment. Thank you all for coming here. Thank you. See you in may. It's on. It's on. Yeah, and the main event tour kicks off may 1st as we said in Las Vegas, tickets on sale, January 31st. Presale this Friday. Yes. ? Oh oh oh ? Can we get a little -- ? Oh, I love it.

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"The legendary pop group is teaming up with TLC and Nelly for a summer tour.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28344313","title":"New Kids on the Block Announces Summer Tour","url":"/GMA/video/kids-block-announces-summer-tour-28344313"}