Kids Holiday Wish List: Which Toys Will Fly off the Shelves?

Toy Insider's Joey Fortman has the inside scoop on what kids want this holiday.
3:15 | 11/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kids Holiday Wish List: Which Toys Will Fly off the Shelves?
Toys flying off shelves. Here to fill us in on the ones you need to get on the wish lists, toy insider joey fortman. I love this. You can find really great deals right now. And it grows with your kids. It doesn't get used and tossed after the holiday. You have three years. I like to see what ages are playing with it. We have little damon and toddlers. They can find different things. I play with it, too. Something for the kids older with us. What do we have here? This is flying grover 2.0. Boston, show us how this guy works. Flies up and down. Push his little button. Hello, everybody. That's really awesome. Thank you very much. That's great. That's awesome. That's great. Actually, it's even fun for the adults here. It is. That's great, . And he lets you know, it's very motion sensored. We're good with that one. What do we have here? The leap pad 2. Elizabeth was playing with this earlier. This is one of the hottest tablets this year. This is for the younger age. What's great about the 2 is it has the camera on both sides. You can have eight profiles with it. You can monitor the websites. You can set a timer, which is fabulous for moms, so we're not the bad guy that will turn it off. I had to set that for elizabeth. What are the ages for this one? This one is 2 and up. 2 and up, elizabeth. That's terrific. 2 and up. Cinderella. That's an old classic. A classic. But they re-released the movie this year. Cinderella is a beautiful doll. It's my magical wand cinderella. You move the wand over the heart area, and it lights up. Now, we're going to do demo. What am I about to demo? Elizabeth, can you come over here? This is the air hog, the battle tracker. It's great that a lot of the remote control helicopters are hard to fly. I, as a mom, can fly this one. I can fly this? Don't quote me on that. What you do is you it has a base. You can battle the helicopter. You can shoot, pushing that button. Watch out, everybody. I said, what are the chances that's going to happen? Turns out, 100%. Sorry about that, austin. Quickly, elizabeth has had her eye on this all morning long. Can you demo it for us, vargas? It's the hot item every year. Very good. And in heels, too. The hot item, bicycles and scooters. This is like a "y" scooter. This came out this year, brought to the u.S. Kids love it. 100 bucks, starting off. Can you get back to the desk? No time to play, vargas. You logon to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! All of these deals up there. And joey fortman, we appreciate it. A special applause for the young ones with us.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"Toy Insider's Joey Fortman has the inside scoop on what kids want this holiday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17792147","title":"Kids Holiday Wish List: Which Toys Will Fly off the Shelves?","url":"/GMA/video/kids-holiday-list-toys-fly-off-shelves-17792147"}