Kim Davis Remains Defiant, Makes Tearful Return to Work

The Kentucky county clerk says deputies don't have her authority to issue marriage licenses.
4:10 | 09/14/15

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Transcript for Kim Davis Remains Defiant, Makes Tearful Return to Work
Pacific main port authority of title and certificates that debt that authorizes an eerie. Conflicts Scott definition in the age as a union between one man and one woman violates not deeply held religious convictions Constance. For me this of the attack. Obedience to my. While there are many accommodations available the very simple accommodation I have proposed. Names and titles as part Brown County. Completely off the man classes these license could be issued a authorities including perhaps the commonwealth of Kentucky are going to be here himself. If these needed to be recorded in the clerk's office like a vehicle registration only my judgment. That could be dead and that it raised a conflict of conscience because in his clerk on the author licensed. Because my pleas for a modest accommodation having refused. Not acted upon I had been required to do that which my conscience he would. As a result active six day in jail because a lot of faith in the face. And so I'm here to play this morning with seemingly impossible. Choice that I do not wish on Indian fellow marriage and my conscience. Freedom. My content from vascular. People go. Obey god. Or directed. That forced me disobey god even reasonable accommodations. Available. I'm trying very hard about what to do. The decision that I make in this case the decision how we'll continue to make in this case I was crying and mine alone. I don't want handed conflict. I don't want the plot I'm. And I certainly don't want you pretty well. I'm no hero. This apartment in lower. Body break even want to work. You and I'd Hartmann I was quietly. Without violating my conscience. This morning I'm forced to fashion a remedy. That wrecked out my confidence with Jack Benny quarters. Effective immediately. And until it comment exit is provided. But goes with the authority to provide. Any marriage why this issue back on my office will not be issued the rat backed me. I want the whole world to know. No mistake about it. And it might deputy clerk. And do not have thought authorization of the authority. They don't have an important issue in this whatsoever. I let my deputy arts and take that they had caught in the middle. If anything feels. That they met isn't often rise license to avoid being thrown in jail. Understand and they're tough choice and it will take no accident and been. However. In an op rat slices that they issue on him and hang my title one half court. Instead. Thank that they are issued pursuant to a federal court order. I heard governor machine here that legislatures. And the court to intervene. They catch up space and yet according to her but I these types of accommodations. And there's no reason why they cannot do so. We not a big enough. Why do you not telling us thanks. To find a way to accommodate my even count religious conviction. Fun making it even visible right now there are millions of other people out there in the private in the public sector. Could face and in the same position. And they also need reasonable accommodations. Are urged everyone to remain civil. And peaceful. Upgraded our dialogue cleaning civil and respectful. Because I let the lord and I love all he.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"The Kentucky county clerk says deputies don't have her authority to issue marriage licenses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33741431","title":"Kim Davis Remains Defiant, Makes Tearful Return to Work","url":"/GMA/video/kim-davis-remains-defiant-tearful-return-work-33741431"}