Kim Jong Nam assassination investigation turns up new information

New details are emerging about the killing in Malaysia of the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
2:23 | 02/25/17

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Transcript for Kim Jong Nam assassination investigation turns up new information
Now new details in that bizarre Ailey II assassination of Kim Jong-un's half brother which played out as you can see on surveillance cameras and now hearing one of the female suspects was paid just $90 to carry out this attack which involved vx nerve agent and Alex Marquardt is on the story from our London bureau. Alec, good morning to you. Reporter: That's right, $90 in cash that suspect said to rob what she claimed she thought was baby oil on the face of Kim jong-nam. Instead it was one of the deadliest chemical weapons on the planet. North Korea has denied any role in this murder which raises new concerns about the extent of their weapons arsenal and how they may use it against their enemies. The brazen killing in one of the world's busiest airports taking an even darker turn with the revelation that the chemical used was the rare nerve agent vx. It's exceptionally -- it's one of the most lethal creations that man has ever come up with. Reporter: Vx is classified as a chemical weapon of mass destruction. The two female suspects believed to have rub id it on their hands before smothering it on the face of Kim jong-nam, the estranged older half brother of Kim Jong-un. Vx has no odor or taste. A minuscule amount will trigger uncontrollable muscle contractions, confusion, drowsiness and nausea resulting in death or paralysis. As Kim arrives at the airport you can see a woman lunging at her target quickly rubbing his face before escaping. A second woman was also involved. One of the female suspects from Indonesia claims she thought she was participating in a TV prank show for which she was allegedly paid around $90 to rub an oil on Kim's face. Kim alerted airport authorities then collapsed. The assailant said to have washed their hands, one of them vomiting but otherwise unaffected. The amount they put on that individual's face would have been enough to have killed tens of people if not hundreds of people if actually sort of dispersed properly. Reporter: Malaysian authorities will carry out a sweep in that terminal for any remaining radioactive or chemical elms. This use of vx has been widely condemned including by American officials, a Pentagon spokesman calling it a very real threat. This is tack sending a clear message about the brutal lengths that Kim Jong-un is willing to go. All right, Alex Marquardt reporting for us, thank you. Back in home the wild

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{"id":45732953,"title":"Kim Jong Nam assassination investigation turns up new information","duration":"2:23","description":"New details are emerging about the killing in Malaysia of the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.","url":"/GMA/video/kim-jong-nam-assassination-investigation-turns-information-45732953","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}