Kitten Bowl Behind the Scenes: Beth Stern's Purrfect Punt

ABC News' get a sneak peak at Kitten Bowl III with this year's host, Beth Stern.
3:00 | 10/21/15

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Transcript for Kitten Bowl Behind the Scenes: Beth Stern's Purrfect Punt
Hey folks I'm and about in New York here you know. You should know by an out here at ABC news we spared no expense when it comes to covering this story that you need to know how from every possible angle in today. Is no exception. The kitten bull is back and we had this bat an entire news team. Schindler. You know it means the note on the ground anything these days Michael Rothman either live now. Thinking of the I think it's it's. Third official case and ball is that right Charlie. That's right this is hit mobile three and we have full ABC team coverage here. This might feed the cutest thing we've ever covered. The higher. I'm not going back to work. Behind us are about a dozen large. Kitten and these are all its optical film from the North Shore animal league. And they are battling it out on the field here. We are on the sad and there's number reporters but really the kittens are. Definitely aren't they look like they're having so much I'm is much and it's having an amicable. OK so walk me through it now wet and what exactly did and in the show aren't right these are they actually pleading are a plane from England gig in an oval that. There's yeah. And yet so that's our team. Sports teams and kitten and that yes their competing are capable dominant. TE show airs on Super. Bowl Sunday. It. And Daryn there's this other roles aren't talking to one of the host of Campbell agreed stern he's an animal advocate and model and actress and she will be running us through all the rules as well that. Let's get it might analyze it in with the action here now you can CDs at the clothes the look. All thought that I took. It. The competition is extremely fierce and ferocious. There's a few Kitna get distracted at times and always they kind of pulled her wounds to admit occasionally line. And we've already one witness. Michael luddite on the day that that my favorites is this little. Yes yes or your favorite to you read or hear him. That little for anyone black boys and two run single months she. Keeps meat being which is that half me out here. I oils and I'm about eats Clinton Eagleton orange ones. Yeah we just saw a major tackle there here's what the football coming name. You can pull out your tiny your ears on the field. Pull. See on this gap until some retired from an era. How it's a tentatively on sat down and take a rest we'll shore that it took about an hour. So there's different teams and he had a swap out the kittens there's different teams coming in so when. When it's now time for seven they'll bring and you know fresh rested said of kittens could. And the neatly they wake up from their nap in the rating gun running around. And that is also this is not the only place advocate and hang out there Aaron there's a locker room and shall be showing you later. There's a VIP lounge. Merchants who want to watch the game and there's a tailgating areas in this little guy is not amnesty. I just think of no Michael I don't think you can I think we have to say that you can't just take him to show up I explained to you can't wait to read all the candy all this command optimal okay. The kittens are all come from north animal league animal rescue group. Close to it to New York. Today are all it's possible. This executed this is it's actually an adoption event the last few have gotten over 12100 cats and kittens accidents. Lots of awareness around kittens as well and that's partly. On the outskirts of heart in his shoes I huge cash. Animal. Advocates and really big cats adopted a lot harder to catch up to his. Ticket dogs adopted in a lot more put down every curse. So this event tries to get as many of these little kitten players into forever forever homes. The actors are hairs and a little fan and. Can you stop. CC for pollution clean and scored a couple of touchdowns. And let them pay becoming homeless won her a function of I think anything about it any crimes. Expected. QE Lee's get line. Okay we're gonna put him back on the let's put him back I went. This is the most excited I've seen a lies that any assignment ever. I would love if she could kind of narrate what's happening on the field right now lies employees being. I must say they're ferocious they're sniffing U I'm not they're curious about ice. They're playing the field looking at run a look back playing. The strength out here on the field. Claws are coming out. It's a tossup with canola and this one heard you. I must face. They're perfectly poise. And just in. Well sure are down right now. Now I've OSHA there actually football's on the field right I can't I couldn't really tell. That there are football seem to be Kennedy and limited. Earlier there were fake football's attached to the camera to make sure that they were trotting along. I just to keep the game going as if it wasn't already. Other I have a great time and that the rules are obviously a little different. And figured typical. Human football and am sure. And there's there's ways they keep. And involved right there's there's laser pointers and there's little leg tingling two ways and they've they've kept inning gauged so they don't kind of loose cocaine sent interest in the game at hand. To light that we are buying getting the little toy football's. Rent these are pregnant. But McCain's label policy over that. Over the Gulf Coast climbing through a gold closed we're going to be speaking with. It's. Beth hi my right now I have news dot nice since Baxter had animal welfare act I feel like any. Now says etiquette on TV yeah. I'll even grabbing often you know I feel me outage hit. You have on many hats off and it's threatening cats and at any given time we haven't I think you can never believed the Vatican. And didn't send that letter classic fitness ordinance out faster. Yes and leading home department harsher and colleagues Ali's directly working with them and help define these guys homes as the best part about being working and a hit ball for. Every one of these guys gonna get a home after that there are up for adoption and you have art gotten hundreds of kittens adopted those last couple Campbell is an incredible. And that's how many kittens are playing today how many and it viewers want to adopt. Let me if they're over a hundred here rate now. And I am ready to go rate after the taping so we're actually holding its oxygen than our shore and rally in Washington on Saturday from twelve it's him. You can get a super stars a lover kitty and I'll take him and then when it airs on Super Bowl Sunday. I'll bikinis that are on T eaten your local sounds army soup while parties. On our part shelters and doctor tells you not think it went this little kiddie and see him on camp he added hundreds. Seventh on the Campbell on the hall channel. February February February 7. Two purple yeah. Alan little bit about that we'll hear this mildly not I didn't really look like they're allowing girls that there are cute explains that you know what I'm on the field all you get extra points. They tracked the goal line look at some cat naps happening right now another and flag that aren't I hanging day is there is I feel like there's a lot of catnip on the field. It's really cute there is a whole point system that I say. Points for fitness always ends in England having an amazing time because they eleven north churches agree that he had they probably don't get. Other Catholics much. Yeah well they will actually expands pressure and it's free cat six days and I'm coming in at apple is here is that we're really excited about. Nor strand is incredible and they're homily from. It's like they're treated so wonderfully parents and act you have this and we're close anybody is watching our strand like America. And last tell can't rest also contributing kittens. Another wonderful are isn't coming so there's 1414. Black or just happy grant. The kitten or organize things on fur collar well I think that's easy to keep track of the and so our viewers at home if you're watching right now and UV kittens are we are even in our. Place. And kittens are catching here I. Come I am yeah come off. How old idiot but I. The difference in ten weeks. And Obey it. But I got contact animal he had. It's your own kittens to bring home for the holiday and to plots on TV. And on February and you know and only a few months and other adopt Steelers and let me eat drink and an art Abrams pat. Graham favorites here you know he completed and I gravitate. He's winning he's planning on going you know me and I don't. Every time that somebody goes moment it. Kelly Preston Kelly and last year's team is not to join us great dame opponent yet it off them and aren't easy like its you're I end up on them and financing activities eat it now. And also and you follow stressed that anything. Anke hiking up like he. Funny you know. The rules of the game. Get these little things got back. Here's. Vote. Yeah. My eye. I don't. That's actually let me show you where Michael is going with this little ferocious east. A here. I'll have you hanging on the mound to talk to us. You know allergies it's England. Let's go back on the field. Aaron our entire news and it's easily distracted right now I think. Can anything guys among different video can anyone explain any of the rules aren't how to decide who wins this thing in the end. Are really are we out of us. So. There are girls there are. You see the goalposts here. And then heat it up in legal history. Points. Three points. Hours taking on on the little book all over and over the goal line. You get points for jumping through cities and goalposts are little scratching posts. However the board teens that are interchangeable and everything gets nothing out including cat. So this would be right here to catch conversion. Oh yes there with the idea that she cat years. It was cat on the on the goalposts though there there's point there's another in the scoring. And we've got a captain Mike got a cap stocks that now we'll let go name. China deal. She's he's got to grips. I think that was might. Numbers. Wrong so there's numbers on the icy it is number. Do we noted. Get number time will vote. He's camera meaning. Sprinkles patron in the sprinkled. It's yeah. Ginger and I don't think it's. About eight that Michael has his favorite is sprinkles and allies and trying to you guys think about your favorites to you are not yet. Unlike in this little irate here yeah. Playing with a little mountain snow levels so much spawned. And he looks like he has a matching Brothers. Here it's. That some unnecessary roughness on the field I. It's definitely detriment and well. That'll be it that'll be a panel finds Justin Yorke Natalie Natalie a flag right there unnecessary roughness. He looks like these two might be. Pollution it's all. On the I don't worry we've been told all the footballs are fully inflated its. And so there all regulation size that is important. That is important. That you guys mentioned that there is other places and the cast to hang after we get to see any any event these other little. Hang out down on the locker room and so on. I take insulin out of the locker room and out little gusts. Show you some of the other. Here yeah Bailey and no albino and then right over here is the VIP lounge which there aren't any cab and right now that you can see how. On actually there are no passionately asking that who is allowed in the VIP Ted Egan in Manhattan yet you right now. This is a kitten lands fit the likes of Elizabeth Taylor lawyers at a garden party on that this is for then to celebrate after they win. It will ninth. Catch campaign. Patton at Easter this. Hey you yeah yeah. Sorry. A little tailgating area. Over here but let's take you out there as. Here take you upstairs into the. He locker room. Where kids are warming up. Now I gotta rejecting a lot of guys that this is neat little friend here it is the third annual and I was reading that over a million people blocked. The first one and one point three million watched it I really not is now ago. It's definitely a really really popular sitting here at ground and and there's also a puppy out no didn't hear right now but there on the field let's see him back next. Lockers. Oh my god they're little could be. Sun laughed thinking it's sunny bear. She. And calls for weighing. It's quite a kitten shower here. Is very these eight injure. Them. The I hope so often that. About. Every when he. Holiday there's tiny sandals and none. We'll does that make. Like I feel like you're going over the cap and all the accessories today. Immunity and Dorothy. That you leading out and shows companies to. What about another thing I think that's. Yeah. Well it's the claw foot tub might be and wound in the so there is done. There it is it's not about kittens there's a puppy halftime show we're told. We're going yet again halftime and happen Jones says Eden there furry. Buddies can get the next. Wait so they're puppies from forming and half ton time. The puppies perform at half time. So it's not just kittens there are puppies as well you haven't seen any copies not care where the halftime show takes place but when it does. But think about moving a little now it helped me to believe in no not together. But also literature and only. Because that's enough to those it they've gotten rap adopted through the Kindle. I believe that it ended 12100. Kids an adopted any tax. Three to kitty captivity and thirteen rather quite right that. Which I am not that. Think about it how incredible they gotten everything all those young Southgate from this event. I mean in that way it's been a success every hair. Looks like the kittens are being pulled off the field we thought they asking you or. Someone asked me they have to take naps and they have to address was wearing. Zoning it looks like they're swapping out on the have to vacuum in the field to yet the Harley went live we of that amount to back to clean off the field. There are they all our kids off the field now and a new team is gonna come around. Yeah it looks like the kittens are often a new team they're gonna get it ready for the next game. Oh. They're picking multiple organ in a vacuum sealed. Marketing and a kitten is on room and told again. Think mr. recap as an unrelenting. I heard anyone interested in adopting can contact the North Shore animal league right. And weren't in the Norris were intimately yes they were all up for adoption. And then the actual that I to a hundred kittens were here today the actual event that people want a lot of Larry seven way. They're ferocious few her finger ball is better than an on the Hallmark Channel. OK and I also was an only if you don't want and is this is an inspire on that team making cap funds for the rest of the day once you get back here if in fact the case we need to talk. I'm that. You know on the professional cat hot and that we we do this all day sending emails back and forth in preparation for clocked them email at Charlie busted that went out she line. Issue and it cost them a man. Indeed. Of one. So we're gonna we'll sign off with one with an unmarked islands or the look like our favorite or my favorite. And just why not. Signing up for ABC news dot. Chris. Thanks for. Guys that is big news is Liza Murphy Michael Rothman and Charlie James we send our eighteen out. To make sure this event was covered from every possible angle. I'm expecting them to bring back at least one cat. To the office thanks so much for watching stay here for more.

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