Kmart Has Web 'Shipping' Their Pants From Laughter

TV ad's play on the word "ship" has won millions of fans on YouTube.
2:05 | 04/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kmart Has Web 'Shipping' Their Pants From Laughter
move along to the wildly viral k-mart ad. Well dup. We're going continue to talk about a commercial encouraging customers to ship, you know, send, s-h-i-p, as in pants. Nick watt has this one. Ship my pants? Right here? Ship my pants in jour kidding. Reporter: Hold it right there. He's saying ship, ship, with a "p" with a "p." You know what it sounds like. I do, too. Here's the rest. You can ship your pants right here. I just may ship my pants. Billy, you can ship your pants, too. I can't wait to ship my pants, dad. I just shipped my pants. It's very convenient. I just shipped my draws. I just shipped my nighty. I just shipped my bed! Reporter: It's a k-mart commercial offering free shipping. No more blue light special. ♪ At k-mart, k-mart, k-mart ♪ Reporter: They're going to start airing this ad this week on cable tv. After 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central. We're purposely putting it in places where children will not see it. Reporter: Let's face it. They've probably already seen it. I can't wait to ship my pants, dad. Reporter: A lot of people are saying they nearly shipd their pants laughing. Not impressed with your potty humor, reads one facebook post. If you have to stoop to shooting a commercial that isn't appropriate for my children to hear, then I think it's about time to shut your doors. I just shipped my bed. There's young people, older people. Ev everybody can get a good laugh. I just shipped my drawers. Reporter: For "good morning america," nick watt. Sam's been doing that the

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{"id":19014807,"title":"Kmart Has Web 'Shipping' Their Pants From Laughter","duration":"2:05","description":"TV ad's play on the word \"ship\" has won millions of fans on YouTube.","url":"/GMA/video/kmart-ship-pants-commercial-2013-web-shipping-pants-19014807","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}