Knockout Game Violence Alarms Authorities

An increasing number of people are sucker punching random people on the street.
3:00 | 11/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Knockout Game Violence Alarms Authorities
the sickening game playing out on streets in cities across america. With dangerous results. Aiming to knock them out to with a sucker punch. Lawmakers and civil rights leaders with a new push this morning to try to stop this disturbing behavior before someone else gets hurt or even killed. Reporter: This is tough to watch. It's known as the knockout game. A violent national trend. It's down right disturbing to watch. This twisted game has authorities on high alert and its victims left stunned and sometimes badly injured. They are disturbing and even deadly attacks. As vicious as they are seemingly random. Only a single blow and they fly after that. Reporter: Innocent people are being violently struck, sometimes knocked out cold without warning or even a reason. These kids have effectively dehumanized others. They are being drastically influenced by the group to commit the act. It's a chilling trend being felt across the country with incidents reported in philadelphia, new york, connecticut and pittsburgh. Victims left injured and stunned. Footage of the attack caught on surveillance cameras or posted online by the attackers themselves. It could be my mother, your mother, it's just scary and crazy. Reporter: On saturday, new york police charged a brooklyn man with hate crime after he allegedly punched an orthodox jewish man in the face friday morning. The victims said he heard a group of men talking about the knockout game right before the attack. It has sparked outrage from national leaders. No matter who it is or where it is, we must deny. Reporter: This woman after her 78-year-old mother was su sucker punched on her porch. Someone wanted to inflict pain on someone else. One lawmaker here in new york is fighting back, pushing for a bill that will stiffen penalties. And also making sure they are charged as adults in court. Scary stuff, just how random this thing seems to be. We got one more final check

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"An increasing number of people are sucker punching random people on the street.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20995376","title":"Knockout Game Violence Alarms Authorities","url":"/GMA/video/knockout-game-violence-alarms-authorities-20995376"}