Laundry Detergent Thefts Sweeping the Country

Shoplifters clean up on Tide thefts from supermarket aisles.
1:50 | 01/25/13

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Transcript for Laundry Detergent Thefts Sweeping the Country
Now, to an unusual crime wave that's also sweeping the country. Thieves are cleaning up by stealing huge quantities of laundry detergent from supermarkets. And abc's gio benitez explains how and why they're doing it. Reporter: Watch as this guy fills his shopping cart with tide laundry desergeaer terdetergent. This is a thief in maryland, walking out of the store with jugs of tide. This man is doing the same thing at safeway in colorado. He's accused of stealing $8,000 worth of tide from six different stores. There's this man in mn, charged with stealing $6,000 of hide. They will wipe this entire shelf out here. It's a very large problem that we have to spend a lot on. And that cost gets passed on to the customer. Reporter: Across the country, the problem has gotten so bad, that retailers are locking up the detergent and adding surveillance cameras. Some stores areing undercover security to patrol detergent aisles. We're trying to protect the products in our stores. Reporter: This isn't just petty shoplifters. This is organized crime, with ring leaders who are looking to resell the pricey detergent on the black market. Even though a large jug sells up to 20 bucks on a store, leaves can make $60 at a laundromat. It's one of the most popular brands. They can move it. Get a lot of money for it. Reporter: Why is it so serious? Last year, the national retail foundation found that 95% of companies were victimized by organized retail fraud. Okay, gio, thanks very much.

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{"id":18311699,"title":"Laundry Detergent Thefts Sweeping the Country","duration":"1:50","description":"Shoplifters clean up on Tide thefts from supermarket aisles.","url":"/GMA/video/laundry-detergent-thefts-sweeping-country-18311699","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}