Laurie Metcalf has 'emotional' reaction to 'Lady Bird' Oscar noms

The best supporting actress nominee told "GMA" she "got really emotional" when she learned "Lady Bird" scored five Oscar nominations.
1:51 | 01/23/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Laurie Metcalf has 'emotional' reaction to 'Lady Bird' Oscar noms
we are back now with "Lady bird's" Laurie Metcalf who was just nominated for her first academy award. She is joining us on the phone. Good morning, congratulations, Laurie. Thank you so much. And, Laurie, we know that you knew these nominations were coming out this morning. What were you doing when you got the call? Well, I just got into new York last night because I'm actually starting rehearsals on a play today so I was up because I'm on, you know, L.A. Time and I was jet-lagged so I was up and I'm going to get headed down to 42nd street pretty soon to start rehearsal. A great way to start your day and to kick off this play. Come on by. We're right here. No kidding. No kidding. A lot of coffee waiting for you. A couple of blocks away. You know, Laurie, I couldn't help in the break hear you were asking if "Lady bird" got best picture. Here you already knew you had a nomination. This is what I love about this cast and crew. You care about the entire project. What does it mean to have the five nominations for this film? It's true. I was waiting -- you know, I couldn't listen to the rest of the nominations come out and as they did -- as I was told I got really emotional, you know, because everybody just poured their whole heart and soul into doing this film and I'm so happy for Greta and series that and the whole movie. Laurie, I have to say I listened to the group that you are among in supporting women and everyone is over the age of 40. How about that? Hey, that's terrific. There were some really strong, powerful supporting actress roles this year, really strong. Well, congratulations, you're well deserving. Yeah, congratulations.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"The best supporting actress nominee told \"GMA\" she \"got really emotional\" when she learned \"Lady Bird\" scored five Oscar nominations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52536707","title":"Laurie Metcalf has 'emotional' reaction to 'Lady Bird' Oscar noms","url":"/GMA/video/laurie-metcalf-reacts-oscar-nomination-live-gma-52536707"}