Lea Michele plays Two Truths and a Lie and dishes on her new album 'Places'

The singer's latest album was released today.
7:12 | 04/28/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lea Michele plays Two Truths and a Lie and dishes on her new album 'Places'
And we want to thank everybody in our studio. Thank you for coming in. We want to thank everybody at home. We have a very special guest joining us at the table. The grammy-winning artist for her starring role on "Glee." She has a new album. She's here to talk about it. Please welcome lea Michele. Hi. Good morning. How are you? Hey. How are you? So good to see you. Hello. Hi. Nice to see you. Thank you. How are you? Thanks. I think I look good right here. Maybe this should be a little guest host one day. I don't know how you do these early mornings, though. Seriously. We can't wait to hear your music. Later in the morning. To you can that about this beautiful new album. The it's your voice. It's number one already this morning. So -- Yes. We got to thinking. People love the see you. Love to go to concerts. There's something that's been trending where people are putting concerts that they have gone to. But there's one fake in it. One lie. Ten concerts. Listed to their friends. Ask the friends to pick the one that's the lie. We're going to do a little bit. I'm going to be the moderate frp wipe boards in front of you. They have three. We're going trim it down. Three concert ps. One is a lie. You go first. So I have poison. Jon Bonn joef sl jovi and Adele. I think Adele. I think you didn't go to Adele. You know me so well. I couldn't chime in. I can see Amy with the teased hair. All the way. Mine, okay, Dave Matthews, Madonna, Christina Aguilera? I'm going to guess the lie is Christina Aguilera. Dave Matthews. Madonna. The lie is Christina Aguilera. No! That's a good combo, right? Michael. I have a good one. N sync, hoot tie and the blowfish. Backstreet boys. I'm going back street boys. I'm going to go -- hootie and the blowfish. Why not? It's the back street boys. I was trying. Okay. Bring it home. Grateful dead. Rolling stones. U2. I know you did u2. Grateful dead. Rolling stones. Rolling stones. I'm bad at this. I don't like games that I'm not good at. We shall move on. You're good at so much. How excited are you about the new music? I'm really excited. I've been working on this album for over three years. It's finally out today. Thank you. My first record came out in 2014. And I was superproud of it. With this album, I decided to come back more to my roots. I've been performing on the stage and Broadway my whole life it's more three atry call. Dramatic. I think it represents who I am truly as a performer. The name of the album is "Places." Yes, places, people, places. A lot of people think it's the places that I've been. When you're on Broadway, you get the call over the monitor, places, everyone, to the top of the show. How did you come up with the name, places. I wanted something that reflected my past and really was like an homage to me returning to the stage. I'm doing a small concert tour. Philly on Monday. Songs from this album, and louder, and "Glee." I have heard your voice in my house than any other voice. My daughters are huge "Glee" fans. We did 800 musical numbers in "Glee." I had to pick five to do in my concert. Wow. How often do you get back together with the members of the glee club? I was in London. I saw amber Riley. This deem girls. I say Darren. We did great thing where we sang together for our YouTube channels. They go beyond friends. They're family. That's beautiful. I saw you running down the halls. I was balking by. Did you hear me warming up like a crazy person. Like the voice of an angel doing tarzan voices. My voice teacher, Eric, who is awake at 3:00 in the middle of the night, face timing with me. He makes me do these crazy sounds and things. I questirequested to do it here today because I thought I might get kicked out of my hotel. Who did you look up to? I ofed Barbra streisand. I feel like I saw myself in her. She always stayed so true to who she is. I love Celine Dion. She's incredible. How she's held herself as such a respectable, beautiful woman throughout her career. I love her as well. Great role model. You started on Broadway. Les mis, at 8 years old. There you go. On Broadway. If you had a chance to do any musical, which would you do? I would do "Funny girl" tomorrow. I would do it right now. No. Do you have agents working on it? Ryan Murphy had the rights to it for awhile. Right after "Glee" E felt like we had done a lot of those songs. But I'm ready now. Don't rain on my parade. I watch "Glee" too, all the time. It was wonderful. You made it and everybody in "Glee" you made music cool to a generation. Yes rg right. A whole new generation. Thank you for that. Oh, of course. I mean, to hear ynger girls say they loved Barbra streisand's "Don't rain on my parade. Xwts when I sang it, it was on the iTunes charts in the top ten. I'm so impressed with the love. Every time, request "Glee." Can you give us a warmup before commercial break. Yea!

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{"id":47070876,"title":"Lea Michele plays Two Truths and a Lie and dishes on her new album 'Places'","duration":"7:12","description":"The singer's latest album was released today.","url":"/GMA/video/lea-michele-plays-truths-lie-dishes-album-places-47070876","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}