Little League Pitcher Mo'ne Davis Releases New Memoir

The first girl to pitch a shutout in Little League World Series history talks success.
2:52 | 03/19/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Little League Pitcher Mo'ne Davis Releases New Memoir
? At the young age of 13 Mo'ne Davis has already made history. Last summer you remember she became the first female pitcher to throw a shutout in little league world series history. She's only the fourth American girl to participate. The youngest athlete ever to appear on the cover of "Sports illustrated" and now she's telling her story, it is a sweet book called "Mo'ne Davis: Remember my name." And we've got some little leaguers you can see with us with their own questions in just a moment but first, Mo'ne, how are you doing. Good. I was surprised you said here you are, little league world series, everyone is talking about you guys and you had no idea of the phenomenon. None. Not really because I mean everyone was just wanted to go out and play baseball and just -- that was like everyone's dream on the team. And no one was really paying attention to everything going on outside of it. You have a mighty busy schedule. At the NBA all-star game you played in the celebrity game. Kevin hart. How was that playing against him? It was fun but I mean he was a little distracting but it was funny, though. How was Kevin hart distracting. Wouldn't top talking. Just keep talking in your ear. That wasn't trash talking, was it. Yeah. What was it like for you to meet the president of the united States? First I didn't think he would be that tall. That was one thing I was shocked about and how nice he was and how nice the first lady was and how like you could tell they're not just like pretending, that it's actually their character. You're very wise beyond your 1 years, I like that. Enough questions from me. Are you all ready to weigh in. Who wants to ask the first. William? What's your favorite subject in school and why? My favorite subject would probably have to be history because I like learning about the past. And how does it feel to know you will forever be part of little league history? It will be pretty cool to read about yourself when you're older and just to think back, the memories that you had and all the fun times. Yeah. You like history. Here you're going to be in the history books. There you go. How did you feel when you first played against the boys in baseball? I know that I struck out my first time. So that's one thing I remember. And I understand your mother wasn't crazy in the beginning. Yeah. She wasn't a big fan. Adam, what is your question. What advice would you go I have to young baseball players? To follow your dreams, don't let anyone stop you and to have fun with everything you're doing. Well, Mo'ne Davis, I don't think we're going to forget your name. I think we'll remember your name and I think you'll give us a lot to talk about. Thank you. Let's give it up for Mo'ne, thank you, again. "Mo'ne Davis: Remember my name," and we will. It's available now.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"The first girl to pitch a shutout in Little League World Series history talks success.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29749560","title":"Little League Pitcher Mo'ne Davis Releases New Memoir","url":"/GMA/video/league-pitcher-mone-davis-releases-memoir-29749560"}