Hemsworth on Working With Hollywood Vets Oldman, Ford

"Paranoia" star chats about his new big-screen thriller and working alongside co-stars.
3:36 | 08/05/13

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Transcript for Hemsworth on Working With Hollywood Vets Oldman, Ford
Leave it here, mr. Goddard. Thanks. Well, what do you think? It's powerful. Yeah, it is. Consider it a loaner for saving -- I couldn't. Yeah, you could. And away we go. Liam. You share the screen with a couple of legends in this one. We saw him, harrison ford and gary oldham. Harrison looking almost unrecognizable with the choice of hair. This role fascinate because there you are caught in between these two worlds. What was it about adam cassidy that excited you? A lot can relate. He's a young guy trying to climb the ladder in the big corporate world and this film gives a big insight into corporate espionage. It's a role you didn't necessarily understand but when you got the role you did some research and it kind of blew you away to find out exactly how big a problem it is. Yeah, finding out it's actually a huge issue. I think I assumed it was more, you know, made in the movies, but I researched a bunch of different corporate espionage cases and, you know, big car companies losing billions of dollars every year to corporate espionage, yeah. Harrison and gary, I assume it's a great experience to work with the two. What was it like. Yeah, it was a little scary at first. You know, just taking on something like this where it's mostly on my character's shoulders and then knowing that harrison and gary were going to be a part of it was a little intimidating but they're such good guys and, you know, some of the most well prepared actors I've ever worked with and, you know, as a young actor it makes you prepare more and make sure that you're on it, as well. Something I like. You make these great choices with these ensemble films. One of them, of course, the one everybody knows, pack ten deep, "the hunger games," the next installment. How was it to see jennifer post-oscar? How was it? She's great. I mean, you wouldn't -- you wouldn't even know. I mean she -- nothing has gone to her head over the last two years and, you know, when i first met her and worked with her, she was full of life and brings such a great energy to the set and, you know, when you're shooting a tough thing like "the hunger games," it can be a little dark at times and she's go the such a great energy about her and is still that way. Getting to work on the third installment, september. That's when you -- are you excited to kind of get involved there? Yeah, the third book is a lot more for him. Francis lawrence did the last one and is doing the rest of them. Such a great director. A great guy to work with. Interesting person and I think he's doing a great job on it for sure. Quickly, I was looking. Another great ensemble joyce. John malkovich, oliver platt. I read you enjoyed this as much. One of my favorite projects. It's probably one of the darkest ones I've done and I just had so much fun on it. The director was great. John malkovich was great, billy bob is great. Michael slol berg and teresa palmer. A small cast but everyone was really excited about the

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"\"Paranoia\" star chats about his new big-screen thriller and working alongside co-stars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19871310","title":"Hemsworth on Working With Hollywood Vets Oldman, Ford","url":"/GMA/video/liam-hemsworth-interview-2013-paranoia-actor-working-hollywood-19871310"}