Alleged DC Monument Vandal Arrested

Police believe a homeless woman threw green pain on the Lincoln Memorial and National Cathedral.
2:07 | 07/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged DC Monument Vandal Arrested
troubling outbreak of vandalism in washington, where some of the capitol's famous monuments are covered in green paint. One woman is in custody. And jim avila is reporting from the lincoln memorial, hit last week. Good morning, jim. Reporter: Good morning, george. There's some serious questions with the national park police this morning, how a 58-year-old homeless woman, wielding just a can of paint, can do such damage to monuments so dear to this nation. It's tourist season in the nation's capital. And this is not what they came to see. I think it's pathetic that people want to destroy and mess up national landmarks. Reporter: It started last friday. Green paint spread along the base, lap and leg of america's 16th president, one of this country's sacred spots desecrated. The lincoln memorial, where martin luther king had a dream. It hurts me as an american, that someone would stoop this low. Reporter: And it didn't stop there. Green paint on the bronze statue of joseph henry, one of the foundation's founders. And more desecration at the national cathedral, where the historic organ used to play at president woodrow wilson's funeral, again splashed with green paint. Here, a break in the case. The alleged vandal caught nearly in the act. An arrest was made on site here at the cathedral. Reporter: Police believe all the damage done by a homeless woman. Answering the question, who would do something like this, perhaps. But not how it could so easily be done. The lincoln memorial, alone, has two guards assigned 24 hours a day. The lincoln memorial was closed part of the weekend. It's open again now. I just walked up the steps to look at how mr. Lincoln is doing. The damage is still there. I took this picture that shows the damage. The green paint on the base of the statue. They've cleaned the actual statue itself. They're being very careful so they don't damage the work there.

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{"id":19812831,"title":"Alleged DC Monument Vandal Arrested","duration":"2:07","description":"Police believe a homeless woman threw green pain on the Lincoln Memorial and National Cathedral.","url":"/GMA/video/lincoln-memorial-vandalized-alleged-dc-monument-vandal-arrested-19812831","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}