Linda Hamilton will be back as Sarah Connor in new 'Terminator' film

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
4:35 | 09/21/17

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Transcript for Linda Hamilton will be back as Sarah Connor in new 'Terminator' film
We're going to begin with Arnold schwarzenegger. Remember he warned us he'll be back. I'll be back. Wow. Am I sick? That sounded scary. Anyway he warned us he would be back. Now we know he will. Arnie returning to the "Terminator" franchise along with none other than Linda Hamilton. I love it. I do love this. Excited to share this. Since 1991's "Terminator 2: Judgment day." 1991. She's going to play tough as nails waitress Sarah Connor. Arnold will be the unstoppable killing machine sent from the future to hunt her down and producer James Cameron made the announcement celebrating the account terminator" series saying it will make a huge statement on ageism in films, which is terrific. I love it. I wanted to be heifer. She had guns. So strong and -- Ahead of her. She was. And now she's right here in this time. Further details on the story line top secret. We do know Cameron brought in director Tim Miller who had success with "Deadpool" and picks up where "Judgment day" left off and expected to hit theaters in 2019. Looking forward to that. Also in "Pop news," "Game of thrones," this one for you, girl. There was a lot of news this morning and I wanted to share this with Amy addicted to the series. I don't know if you like this little show, "Game of thrones." So popular that HBO is now betting on a potential fifth prequel series. Wow. Ooh. They have four in the works and will now go a fifth held by the guy who worked on "Throne" since season one and George R.R. Martin says he loves them almost as well as he does. The details on all five of these prequel series are top secret. We do know, you will not see any familiar faces, all of the shows will get entirely different casting. Wow. Wow. All right. Five different series, though, I can't imagine how they'll do it. Already confusing enough. I have to rewatch episodes as it is. The crazy thing she'll watch all five. Yeah. We may never see Amy robach again. So, and some box office news. Breaking records. No thanks to me by the way because the idea of a giant evil clown hunting me down is my worst nightmare but apparently not yours because "It" is on track to become the highest grossing horror film ever even creeping up on "The exorsist." What is it with clowns. Stop it. Pennywise is the reason why it's closing in on $270 million domestically. It's a good film, though. Those kid, their acting ability. It's so great. I really love it. I will take your word for it. It was a family film for me. Your daughters went with me. Your daughters watched it. They're just like me and love horror films. I want to see "It" but "The exorcist." I'm still scared of the dark. You are -- you get scared in horror films. We've gone to horror films before. He screams louder than me. Like a girl. I let out ah and I didn't realize. We heard. All right. Also in "Pop news" a woman in the uk seems to have found the fountain of youth. I love this. Her fountain of youth is not filled with water but with whiskey. Ooh. My kind of girl. Her name grace Jones, not the grace Jones you're thinking of this. This grace Jones is 111 years old. And she says the secret to feeling youthful is a nice big whiskey a day and worry-free mentality. I think one would equal the other. She reveals she's been enjoying her nighttime nip for 60 years. Even though she looks different on the outside in her mind and spirit she says she still feels like she's 21 years old. Her daughter Deidre approaching her 80th birthday says she's the kind of person who doesn't understand why anyone would want to live the quiet life. What an inspiration to wrap

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{"id":50000158,"title":"Linda Hamilton will be back as Sarah Connor in new 'Terminator' film","duration":"4:35","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News. ","url":"/GMA/video/linda-hamilton-back-sarah-connor-terminator-film-50000158","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}