Linda Ronstadt Diagnosed With Parkinson's Disease

Grammy award winning singer is unable to sing due to the medical condition.
3:06 | 08/25/13

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Transcript for Linda Ronstadt Diagnosed With Parkinson's Disease
All right, dan, turn now to the devastating diagnoses that silenced linda ronstadt. She's had a decade-long battle with parkinson's disease ♪ I've looked all my life ♪ he's been singing all her life, but now she's silenced. ♪ When will I hide below ♪ once known as the highest paid woman in rock, she has parkinson's disease can no longer sing. ♪ I'm going back someday come what may to blue bayou ♪ songs helped catapult her career that won her 11 grammys. She spoke to aarp magazine saying parkinson's is hard to diagnosis. When I went to a neurologist and he said you have it, I was shocked. I wouldn't have suspected that in a million, billion years. Diagnosed eight months ago, she's been experiencing symptoms for eight years originally saying it was a tick bite, and the shoulder operation for her hands. She announced her retirement in 2011 and focused her life on her two children. She's now speaking out on the sad reality that she will never perform again ♪ all I'm saying I'm not ready ♪ the voice of an angel. Let's bring in dr. Richard besser. Great to see you. Tragic news. She'd been having symptoms for eight years and just diagnosed eight months ago. Why did it take so long? That is on the long side. But it's a difficult diagnosis. There's no blood test or brain scan. It's the collection of symptoms and what happens over time. Four main symptoms, tremor, and she had that, and slowing of movements, the third is rigidity or stiffness and a problem with balance. But you may not have them at the same time. It can be difficult to put together. And to think it was a tick bite. She can't sing, she's silenced. How does that affect her vocal chords? Some of the muscles are your lips, tongue, ability to swallow. Think about singing, and to be a professional singer, any problem with those muscles makes it impossible. Prognosis long-term? The problem with parkinson's is the nerves in your brain with doe pa mean die off. They give treatment. It isn't fatal, but you're more likely to die from pneumonia and fall. Shocking news for so many millions of her fans including yourself. I grew up with her music. Thank you. Now to the mysterious and

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{"id":20060154,"title":"Linda Ronstadt Diagnosed With Parkinson's Disease","duration":"3:06","description":"Grammy award winning singer is unable to sing due to the medical condition.","url":"/GMA/video/linda-ronstadt-diagnosed-parkinsons-disease-20060154","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}