Live-In Nanny Fired, Allegedly Refuses to Move Out

For nearly a month, the Bracamonte family says they have been trying to evict their live-in nanny.
2:24 | 06/27/14

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Transcript for Live-In Nanny Fired, Allegedly Refuses to Move Out
We turn to the live-in nanny who allegedly just won't move out of a house. A California family hired her to help with their three kids. Now, the family says she refuses to work. And she also just won't leave. ABC's Ryan Owens has the story. How do you like that one? Reporter: Snack time at this California home may look Normal enough until -- I'm not going to let her eat my food. Reporter: That's a bike lock to keep the nanny away. I'm a prisoner in my home. Reporter: For nearly a month, the Bracamonte family says they're trying to get the nanny out of their house east of los Angeles. But Diane stretton refuses to leave, saying she's a legally protected tenet. Did you have any idea it was so hard to kick somebody out of your house. I've seen it happen so many times. Reporter: Strengthen moved in March, after this craigslist ad seeking a nanny. The arrangement worked for a new months. But that's when mom says she quit helping around the house. And spent all day looked behind this door. If I want to see this room, you won't let me inside. We can't let you inside. By court and by law, this is her domain. Reporter: Stretton wouldn't return our calls. But watch what happened, as KCBS was rolling when the father served her with court papers. The family has gone to court, demanding she leave. But the in an si is fighting back. And apparently she likes to sue. Diane stretton's name is listed on dozens of civil lawsuits across southern California. I think that she actually spends her day trying to ruin people's lives. And misery loves company. Reporter: They may be miserable for a while. The eviction process could take months. You feel victimized. Reporter: Until then, the bike lock stays on the fridge. For "Good morning America," Ryan Owens, ABC news, upland, California. It's scary. It's why you have to do your homework. It's crazy. A little background check never hurt anybody. I'm sure they learned that the hard way. I cannot believe the law is on the nanny's side on this. I agree with you, George. There has to be something. It's like they're being held hostage, in their own home. Coming up, everybody, shia

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{"id":24329922,"title":"Live-In Nanny Fired, Allegedly Refuses to Move Out","duration":"2:24","description":"For nearly a month, the Bracamonte family says they have been trying to evict their live-in nanny.","url":"/GMA/video/live-nanny-diane-stretton-fired-allegedly-refuses-move-24329922","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}