Lorde Reveals Untouched Photos of Her Face

The singer tweeted a photo of her untouched face, reminding her followers that "flaws are ok."
3:00 | 04/02/14

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Transcript for Lorde Reveals Untouched Photos of Her Face
We'll move on now to grammy award winning pop singer lord. The teenager is not afraid of her flaws posting a N nonphotoshopped picture to her millions of followers and sending a powerful message. ABC's Cecilia Vega has more on the story ? we'll ever be -- Reporter: She's the 17-year-old singing sensation who won double grammys for "Royals" her smash hit mocking riches and excess. ? Reporter: But this morning, lord is fired up about something else, her own picture. The New Zealand native tweeting over the weekend a photo snapped during her concert in Chile. This version retouched showing her with smooth picture-perfect skin. The other, natural beauty bumps, acne and all. Lorde tweeting to her more than 1.3 million followers, "I find this curious, two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real, remember, flaws are okay." Lorde took to social media to make sure her fans know it's okay to embrace those flaws and imperfections and that those are a thing that everyone deals with. Reporter: Lorde is hardly the first celebrity to show outrage over a photoshopped image. Actress Keira knightley protested a publisher photo that boosted her bust and Kate winslet criticized this magazine cover saying it overly slimmed her thighs. Lorde has gone even further posting this not so glamorous photo on instagram, the sicker with acne cream on her face and it seems to have struck a chord garnering more than 119,000 likes. Teenagers are definitely more prone to acne than the general population. Most of that has to do with hormonal changes. ? Caught up in your love affa affair ? Reporter: A reminder that flaws are okay and even this megastar who seems to have it all is still after all a regular teenager. For "Good morning America," Cecilia Vega, ABC news, los Angeles. I do love that song. Objection, love her. We have the results of our flash poll. We asked you online would you post a picture exposing a beauty flaw? It is split right down the middle. 50% saying yes. 50% saying no. Joining us now is child development specialist Dr. Robyn Silverman. Always look forward to having you here. I love being here. What do you make of this? How would this help do you think? I think lord is a major superstar and in a society where we're constantly told we're not good enough as we are and celebrities go to the supermarket looking perfect, I think her voice is very refreshing. It tells people that flaws are okay, that she's not perfect and that everybody has these imperfections. I think it's really great. I'm excited for my daughter. My daughter looks up to her as so many other girls does. Do you think this reaches boys too? I think she's a wonderful role model for girls but the message that flaws are okay is something we all need to hear, every gender, every age. I'm so happy she did this. As a mom what do you say? Even though we see unairbrushed photos of themselves what do you say at home to reinforce this when your child is self-conscious? We need to use current events to springboard conversation that feels more natural. Today we're going to sit down and talk about body image. This is what do you think about this and what do you think about what she Dade and this is what I think and also talk about media literacy. We want our kids to really know exactly what's happening. This is how photoshop is used. This is exactly what happens. Nobody looks like this and finally you also want to make sure that these kids know that they are perfect the way they are and that we care more about what a body can do rather than what it looks like. Especially has to come from dad. Yes, it does need to come from dads. I think we often think this is a woman thing but it's not. Our fathers are the first man in our lives, they provide the template for how we think other men and boys see us and how we should see ourselves. Robyn, that was great. Thanks for letting me be here again. I love it.

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{"id":23156512,"title":"Lorde Reveals Untouched Photos of Her Face","duration":"3:00","description":"The singer tweeted a photo of her untouched face, reminding her followers that \"flaws are ok.\"","url":"/GMA/video/lorde-reveals-untouched-photos-face-23156512","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}