Louis CK accused of sexual misconduct by 5 women

Cara Buckley, a New York Times reporter who broke the story, tells "GMA" how she and her colleagues got the women to go on the record after years of rumors about the comedian's alleged behavior.
7:00 | 11/10/17

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Transcript for Louis CK accused of sexual misconduct by 5 women
We do. Those new allegations targeting comedian Louis C.K. Five women coming forward in "The New York Times" accusing him of sexual misconduct. We're going to talk to one of the reporters who broke this story in just a moment but first ABC's linsey Davis is here with more on the latest bombshell rocking Hollywood, good morning, linsey. Reporter: Good morning. He's known as a self-deprecating comedian but this morning some are alleging the character he portrays is an exaggeration of himself as a cover for otherwise own alleged misconduct. There is no greater threat to women than men. We're the number one threat to women. Reporter: A staple on the comic circuit, Louis C.K. Rose to fame poking fun at his appearance and sexual hangups. I'm the guy that women see and they go, ew. Reporter: Now a bombshell report for "The New York Times" alleges he exposed and touched himself in front of multiple women dating back more than a decade. Two women tell "The times" after a comedy show in 2002 C.K. Invited them to have a drink in his room. When they arrived he asked if he could expose himself in front of them. They thought it was a joke and laughed it off but proceeded to take all of his clothes off, get completely naked and touch himself. Two other women share similar allegations and a fifth alleges he engaged in a sexual act while on the phone what her. You divorced me while a loser so you lottery. Can we get the check? T the backlash swift canceling his movie preveer saying there is never a place for the behavior detailed in these allegations. As a result we are giving careful consideration to the timing and release of the film and continuing to review the situation. The reactions to the news piling on. HBO removing C.K. From its night of too many stars special and the network taking down past projects from its on demand services. FX home to several of his shows said they have received no allegations of misconduct but the matter is currently under review. What, no, no, no. Reporter: C.k.'s comedy has come under fire before. This episode of "Louis" from 2014 raised ire when his character tried to drag his longtime crush into the bedroom. You want to do something -- you want to try something but you don't -- you can't. For some reason you can't. So I'm going to take control. And I'm going to make something happen. Reporter: At the time C.K. Responded saying I don't think you can call it rape. It was a kiss on the mouth. Rape is a real series and bad thing. He spoke to Diane sawyer about his willingness to push boundaries in his comedy in 2014. I think sex is a fascinating subject and hilarious subject because it's awkward and it's high stakes and it makes you feel great or makes you feel terrible. It's a huge array of experience, sex, so it's well worth talking about. According to "The times" following several of the instances he privately reached out to some of the women to apologize and with regard to the article a representative for C.K. Tells ABC news in the coming days Louis with issue a written statement. Amy. Thanks so much. Joining us now is one of the women who broke the story, CARA Buckley and there were rumors about Louis C.K. For years and years so how did you uncover this story? Well, after Harvey Weinstein a lot of women have been coming forward to speak about abuse or harassment they suffered and we -- several of the women approached us and said, you know, we would like to -- there's been rumors, there's been rumors about us. We would like to set the record straight and put our names to it. You know, he has dismissed them as rumors. We have proof something happened to us. In many cases you spoke to corroborating witnesses not just the women who say it happened to them. Talk about the standard you used to determine the credibility of these women's stories. Right, I mean several thing, you know, we can't just take people's word on face value. These incidents happened in the late '90s and early ots so looked for paper trails that they sent afterwards and people they reached out. Many right after it happened called a friend saying you would not believe what just happened to me and spoke to those people and asked them in-depth what did this person relay to you and saw if it matched up and when it did it passed husband ter. Now we have the story. Louis C.K. And his representatives did not comment but heard in linsey a report saying he will issue a written statement in coming days. Any indication what he might say. I feel like it's just really guesswork. We were wondering in the 36 hours leading up to publication, you know, is he going to come out in front of this. Word in the comedy world had been circulating for weeks we had been working on this and thought is he going to come out and preemptively say anything. I feel like I feel like he is in a tough position. We thought if we presented the allegations to him and if that's all they were he could say something about them. The fact that he didn't raises questions, you know, will more women come forward or stories unheard going to come out? But we beyond that it's guesswork. Right. And speaking to that, the L.A. District attorney's office announcing they are establishing a task force to look into sexual abuse specifically in the entertainment stress after your reporting on this and other situation, what do you think they're going to find? I don't know what they'll find. I think that what this shows is a seismic shift in the cultural landscape. You know, before Cosby and bill O'Reilly and Weinstein, women were talking about it for years but now they're being believed as this was something wrong. Shouldn't have happened. Many of these things happen at women's workplaces and, you know, I think the shift is happening so quickly, it's great. We're still getting our head around what it means. I've said it before. Incredible to me how not surprising it is to us women and how surprising it is to some men because they didn't realize it was happening. What surprised you most about this story? What surprised me most was the women doubting themselves, you know, several of the women Louis reached out afterwards saying I did. It was really inappropriate. I apologize and they thought, well, does that make it okay and it really hung over their careers because he was such a tower pull figure and loomed large and they felt shame around it and they had done nothing wrong and they still carried that shame and that to me was troubling and sad. Just hearing you say that gave me chills because people don't know if it's okay to say something and whether or not it passes the test of criminal behavior. And whether, you know, they'll get support in the comedy community. Louis is beloved. He is a kingmaker and helps build careers of other people and they felt like there's no way we can talk out against him and if we do, you know, people are going to turn against us. So luckily they were brave enough, you know, to sort of step forward. Well, thank you so much. It's an incredible read. We really appreciate your reporting. A programming note Lisa bloom will be on "The view" exclusively addressing her initial decision to represent Harvey Weinstein after those sexual harassment allegations. Hear what she has to say about him now at 11:00 A.M. Eastern right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"Cara Buckley, a New York Times reporter who broke the story, tells \"GMA\" how she and her colleagues got the women to go on the record after years of rumors about the comedian's alleged behavior.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51059086","title":"Louis CK accused of sexual misconduct by 5 women ","url":"/GMA/video/louis-ck-accused-sexual-misconduct-women-51059086"}