'Mad Men' Star Jon Hamm Goes on a 'Big Date'

The recently rediscovered footage of the actor on the dating show is taking the Internet by storm.
3:00 | 04/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Mad Men' Star Jon Hamm Goes on a 'Big Date'
Moving on now to a lost video of Jon hamm found in a big way this morning all over the internet and it's interesting because this is a very Jon hamm than you might think. As the Jon hamm you're about to see couldn't get a date. ABC's Sara Haines has been in social square with the story. This was a shot of the very different John hamm tweprending on Twitter on "The big date" getting a big thumbs down by that woman's contestant. What about that hair? Hello, sweetheart. Reporter: He plays the dashing and debonair don draper in "Mad men." We should do this more often. We should only do this. Reporter: And he's been voted one of "People" magazine's sexiest men alive. In 1996 he was a frustratinging waiter looking for love on the TV show, "The big date." Trying to score a date with this woman, Mary Carter. I need someone who knows how to give a good good massage. How do you make her feel special? Well, start off with some fabulous food. A little fabulous conversation -- What else fabulous, Jon? Fabulous foot massage. He hasn't quite perfected his smooth lines but already has that smile smile that women women smooth. Hit competition, a frost-tipped finance student and stunt man named mark. Take her home later and show her my exible. Who did she choose. Mark. He's the only one that shook my hand that day. He and Jennifer west belt are till going strong after 17 years and Carter, things didn't work out between her and stuntman mark but she is Mary Lou sand ler happily married to her husband Justin for two years. I have no regrets for picking John. Any other kind of decision different I would have never met my husband. She says she only recently learned she rejected the heart heartthrob. I didn't know he was famous. I watch the snow but never knew him. I wouldn't trade him for a thousand Jon hamms. Did you hear the use of fabulosity. Thumbs down. That hairstyle certainly wasn't helping him and Clifford shepherd tweets "See how things can change?" I think everything turned out okay. You know he was going thank god that video never got out. Yeah -- Before the new season starts. Talking about Jon hamm. Impossible. He dug it out. I don't think, he doesn't seem -- Probably not. George, you a lot to say about his haircut. I was very surprised to see that haircut. Hold pictures in the valt -- I'm not showing. You look fantastic in words smarter. In thanks, Sara. Miranda Kerr is now a single mom

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The recently rediscovered footage of the actor on the dating show is taking the Internet by storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23219607","title":"'Mad Men' Star Jon Hamm Goes on a 'Big Date'","url":"/GMA/video/mad-men-star-jon-hamm-big-date-23219607"}