'Man of Steel's' Boyhood Nickname was 'Fat Cavill'

Superman Henry Cavill talks about his transformation from chubby schoolboy to the iconic superhero.
14:35 | 06/21/13

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Transcript for 'Man of Steel's' Boyhood Nickname was 'Fat Cavill'
-- -- and handcuffed him. Would be much for surrender for resistance. And -- makes consumer secure. -- -- -- -- It's not us. In my world it means hope. Well here it. And -- -- -- -- I my name is doctor a -- out. -- Peace unity and -- Along with a half think the world when it relaxes. Store cards on the table in. Christian -- you can't control me. That doesn't mean -- area. Hi everybody I am Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and that can't be a bigger movie right now -- man of steel. With Henry Campbell as Superman. And -- would be having it for us and -- here. And -- thank you very much so I've got to start -- Strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and ability far beyond those of mortal -- Superman who can who can like bend steel in his bare hands and who disguised as Clark -- fights a never ending battle for truth justice and the American -- What the hell. He played -- You focus on. The baseline of the Carrington a simple stuff and instead of trying to sort of attack the role. Is as the whole thing you just break it down I mean. We based -- story and reality and so you get. An alien. Living in a row in what we would say is the real world and if the real world discovered that -- an alien you do that -- -- is that he amongst them -- they couldn't. How would the world feel. And how would that alien feel living amongst these people. And trying to make this place is time and -- pressure from that point purely from Clark's point of view. -- who is a guy who has to hide everything that he is -- Is very lonely. So there's always a lot of talk comparing Superman and Batman this its just the latest and Christopher Nolan is producer on announcement and did that start -- Yup so I don't know in terms object Zach Schneider directing this and Chris known being part of it -- you talking to these two guys constantly during. Production. Chris -- no so all of my conversations we had Zach. -- He was might go to -- -- -- what do you say to those people they -- that some of them believe Superman is kind of the boring he doesn't need this. Tortured existence and the Dark Knight does. With that what you felt before you enters its. Most of what I felt and I am entering this role I always realize that have. Be that character you would be very alone and while it's not necessarily -- it. It's very much on the outside. And is an interesting thing to that because how do you interact with the world. When you all that much on the outside. And in a normal daily life and. Police do is represented the character in the comic books. Because that's a very interesting character going back to the -- -- Material -- I think the best thing that you could say or that I could say to people scene this. Is that they're not going to get what they think they're going to write -- how home which is. A really good thing to say in Hollywood based on formula very much yeah. But what happens when you. Get the news I wanted to hear how you've got the news because I don't care how long you auditioned and what -- -- did somebody has calling you up I don't know who it is and say. -- -- -- I was if you think it again the time and humanize one -- -- the -- -- I think. I am an online games that the -- -- -- in of the team relies upon you to do your job on the team and at that stage there's a particular high point I -- just ban on them. I ignored the phone ringing and I -- down the last minute and I -- excited I. Get you guys I'm is that. I -- if you are really a gamer -- United States forgets that is it's well I don't think all that might take priority. I think I think they would understand. Have they known. And so who does the fire -- mystical. Tricycle and on the back now wants. I'm starting to sweat of the State's -- company by dismissed that cold. Polygamous and -- global potentially the most political of my life. And -- -- calls back and he is talking to me like he's gonna let me down easy and this -- thing I was expecting as well but eventually he says. Yes -- thank you very much coming in just -- -- -- say that and I was also wondering if you -- to -- -- -- movie with me. And at which point it dawns on me -- very surreal moment it was -- president elect leaping for joy and stuff I was. But wasn't prepared for yes and I was very much -- know and them I didn't quite how to take it to -- a long time to process on dissent there for about. Twenty minutes having this very private moment of -- I don't know who. How to deal with this could -- a big joke -- It's gonna take a lot of hard work I'm -- enjoy it Clinton. How -- -- process the -- of the scale. And then it just took some calling around but which no one picked up their funds -- one founding member. And about two -- in tonight's thought relaxing they collect can be excited now it actually -- the news came out. But. To go back to that call for a minute you did you have a history of trying out for parts that didn't quite happen you know James Bond -- -- -- -- yes yeah date it was. What that call like that -- But I got a call from the agent that time because -- LC -- The agency that it thank you very much it's going -- someone else -- someone else. Battle in a different direction election as elections and and you know what they want in the right direction Daniel Craig apps mail that -- that's got the -- and I laid. I don't care -- get a joke if the best guy for the job gets it. -- -- -- you know that's always appointing because you wanna be the right -- -- the job. And it would have been a great story to tell announced I was looking forward to it that. Can always happen if they. Moment -- up with -- a -- somewhere and donation to -- -- again. Have you practiced you know shaking not stirring Martinis and things in the media idea maybe he's going to happen not -- asking him shaken. Afghan that's much more important that -- -- -- better way to do it. But yeah it was twilight. Twilight yet Harry Potter -- iPod we yes -- that that one did exist it was them. The Saturday Rio additions and -- Robin -- the role Lebanese. And twilight I never go to script or -- -- old -- or anything like that but it's my understanding of the -- through the books. Was que -- me playing the role but whatever reason significant ground to me. Who you -- maybe those 20 the -- -- just. And what he had to have like pangs in thing. You know who know when you watch those things you you're watching someone else two -- stuff from that work and watching them tell their story and -- is no point in and being upset -- things he didn't get. It's looking messed up now okay cool well I didn't get that time it's great and -- -- -- ago. It's very odd because your Jersey boy and yet your accent is oddly British. So I don't what I explain this. I'm not from you just. -- gotten it isn't there another wondering yes it well the new -- must get his name from somewhere where the and it's the island of Jersey between England prompts -- miles by five and that its home base of me as well as for my arm from. And that's where New Jersey it's an Abrams but I read about growing up that you wore a little -- yes. -- That's that's the result of eating too much and then not being activity of what -- -- serving in Jersey that means you do -- necessary jazzy such I think it was you know just going to school and having Pactiv. What we call Chris so because -- And it was just too much of that. And then boarding school. Bushels an amazing education it's second to none but when it comes the food it's not the healthiest food and so do you know -- freely. And I had to -- gently. What did people make fun of -- -- -- it is they decades. I mean what do they do that just they you know did it -- the kids made fun of everyone my particular nickname. Which was -- was back -- fact camera cattle. Yet and death. -- kind of blunt it's it's well it's up to the point to admit since I was back my -- capital spending roles of the time. And the united kids kids kids that is stretching man facial muscles of that at that age and and built to did you have this turning point where you said enough of these Crist. I'm not eating these anymore. I mean I was getting less -- time went on because I was going. Up but not necessarily out of -- from the same stuff but -- more of me dissident and -- And then I go. My first show out of the blues. But it costs and it came -- league's board of schools look at that kind of background Newton and am at a tiny bit of acting experience and looked just right the role the direct -- as well. Auditioned twice and it was the kind of when -- Krista. And so it got bad joke and then. They say it's my mum that is not directly to me which really really got me as -- time is -- -- -- -- lose some weight. And so well and Eric Nichols and just went on strict and I think I lost. A -- -- -- fourteen pounds. And yes. So that's when -- accidents than down middle that I mean that's the wasn't in great shape many evenings and that's any kind of that -- the fitness Stephanie -- happens with a multiples. -- vests and when you've had 24. What am I was essentially yes that guy had my talk only this much -- -- -- now says. You're the more. You will see this right yet but it's. This is crucial stuff but what was the time he first put on the suit. That was a -- Unique experience. I have to -- it's like it's really really quite special there's there's something about the suit which. It has a physical energy it's not just a cost him -- -- is there's an aura to it. Ands when he came to the -- the people came of the concepts of people took measurements the people who. Put it all together. Had -- enormous love and respect from camp for the character and it showed and as soon as you put it on I didn't see Henry capillaries Superman outfit felt. In the room that we were creating sick man knows something very very different about it and wearing -- -- people treated me differently and I felt different it is news very unique. You play it now you still look like you're in great shape. This is this is successful there's going to be more movies a year that there may be just -- -- Justice League I -- -- may -- that I have no idea all yet it did just let's say your head be saying I want justice we want justice -- could be great. If done correctly I -- it's a very tough one to do. The -- the DC comic heroes. A rule godlike in manpower and two in this real world universe we -- -- realists I think we're telling our story and it's gonna be tough to achieve that and has -- very delicately Annan's. -- a lot of thought and so who. It will be right away certainly not what hope it's not anyway I'm it may take some time of building other movies now the characters and an -- -- them together in one way or another. Well -- -- they did the avengers it's certainly was quite the hit you know so I think. You have an energy of people liking something very punish them back to try to they could be great to do but I don't think it's from a corner. When you look back -- -- how many times you've looked to advance to yourself and but when you see you. Is there a moment even thirty seconds in that movie that resonates for you when you watch it. Not because it's the best scene of the biggest but that it resonates for you person. There's a lot of scenes in the -- president -- I was just asking for one look how good yeah yeah yeah did anything happen very nice I can't think. About -- but wouldn't pick one in particular bit -- As an act as as a boy in school he was very popular. But a lot of my time watching the world and just seeing you'll go by and trying to work out. You know white people did that -- why they reacting that way and and is is that a normal reaction -- because of something else and that. Life for whatever and and how they react to me. And as a lot of that in club who watches the world go by and he studies the world and I recognize a lot of myself in that because I've spent a lot of time doing that and salute those moments resident. In particular. But it gets a good answer -- what we always -- Michelle where we talk about something musical but I understand that you used your voice up buying. It's a bit singing all weekend it's bits -- up by you know -- so that I can't do that but I'm wondered. -- -- -- On his -- And he was just listening to something wouldn't think Clark Kent would be listening to. -- when -- listen to music he listens to music the world of humanity and nature because he's trying to understand that it. The last thing he's gonna do is block -- out by putting. Music and it is he's he's listening to the world listens to music humanity so not only have you cut -- did musically. But you're telling me that Clark is not listening to music this -- what I have in mind on hand. But I can't argue with you if you effect cattle are probably would take you -- right but you're Superman now and so I can't possibly do. Henry. That's after it looked at.

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{"duration":"14:35","description":"Superman Henry Cavill talks about his transformation from chubby schoolboy to the iconic superhero.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19457522","title":"'Man of Steel's' Boyhood Nickname was 'Fat Cavill'","url":"/GMA/video/man-steels-boyhood-nickname-fat-cavill-19457522"}