Marco Rubio Talks Donald Trump, Super Tuesday

The GOP presidential candidate discusses his loss in Nevada and what he needs to do to overtake Donald Trump.
3:31 | 02/24/16

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Transcript for Marco Rubio Talks Donald Trump, Super Tuesday
this morning I spoke with senator Marco Rubio and I began by asking him about his second place finish in Nevada. We always want to do better. I lived there 25 years ago, 30 years ago and it was a great experience. We love coming back. We have a lot of family members there but always want to do better. We feel good about our second place finish. Of course, you always want to be first but this is an unusual year and the Nevada caucus is different than any other vote we'll see around the country, new experience and a lot of people turned out. I congratulate Donald. He had a good showing. We picked up significant number of delegates there and we move on to the other states. We have a big week next Tuesday. It was another big victory for Donald Trump and he said that many are wondering why you haven't gone after him. Even he has said that you haven't hit him and we know that the next debate is coming up. Do you expect to be -- are you going to change your tactics and be more aggressive towards Donald Trump. Yeah, I don't understand this. I know there's a craving in the media for people to attack each other but I've never been a campaign that attacks people. Now if I've been attacked I responded and we set the record straight about policy differences. But we'll have a debate tomorrow night and if there are policy differences we'll talk about those. If he says something I don't agree with like he did in the last debate about George bush being responsible for 9/11 I'll correct him on it. You did say the other day that it seems like voters are gravitating toward the one who is the angriest. You didn't mention any names but many people assumed that you were referring to Donald Trump. Were you? Well, sure, his rhetoric is one thatthats into that anger. I share in that anger. It's one of the reasons why I ran for the senate five years ago. I was really upset about the direction of our country and inability of thecan party to do anying about it but anger alone won't solve our problems. You also have to know what you're going to do about it. Running for president voters need to know what you're going to do and Donald hasn't outlined exactly what he'll do. He'll tell us what the result will be but refuses to explain how it's going to happen. There have been four contests so far across the state. Various parts of the country. And you have yet to come out on top. With super Tuesday coming out, what do you need to do. I think what people need to understand about these contests between now and March 15th, all are places that award delegates which is how the nomination is decided. It's not decided by how many states you win but how many delegates you have and awarding them proportionately. March 15th, you're in Ohio and Florida that award them all at once. That's where you have to start winning states and we feel very confident about where we'll be come March 15th. You picked up five delegates yesterday. And you really picked up many more key endorsements from the establishment. But we've seen with both republicans and democrats that voters aren't really embracing the establishment, politics as usual. Are you concerned that being that type of backing may actually work against you and your campaign? In order for the republican nominee to become the president of the United States, it has to be someone that can bring the republican party together and then grow it, as well. And what we're showing is the ability to bring it together, to bring together all kinds of people within the republican party including some for whom I wasn't the first choice. Thank you so much, sir. Thank you. Thanks so much. And it should be another lively debate tomorrow night. Super Tuesday coming up. Right now Donald Trump ahead in all those states with the possible exception of Texas

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"The GOP presidential candidate discusses his loss in Nevada and what he needs to do to overtake Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"37157208","title":"Marco Rubio Talks Donald Trump, Super Tuesday","url":"/GMA/video/marco-rubio-talks-donald-trump-super-tuesday-37157208"}