Mariah Carey on Motherhood, Her Relationship with Nicki Minaj

Mariah Carey talks to Barbara Walters about raising twins with Nick Cannon, and being an 'Idol' judge.
5:03 | 01/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mariah Carey on Motherhood, Her Relationship with Nicki Minaj
Back now with Barbara -- bring us -- latest interview with Mariah -- and -- there's so much going on with -- right now she's a judge on American -- -- -- stellar singing career in those little twins and doesn't -- there's a lot. I'm not exactly -- Hollywood reporter but I have known Mariah for years so I will bring you up to date on this saga okay. Mariah expecting to be the only female judge on American Idol would start since. Trout season in two weeks and then next thing she knew -- might not usually saddened as a judge so they had not -- over something. And George Mariah said she felt threatened at the time I talked to her on the phone that was weeks ago I reported -- on the -- And then I recently went to her apartment in payoff for catch -- can really sit. This is how we used to seeing that I -- Belting out and music for the price of staggering power and but starting this week. She will be judging this and -- incident this. As a new member of American I had -- flat earth you know it's the tiny opinions why is stockpiling didn't come cheap. The -- is. That you have been paid eighteen million. This season in my and the ball popped pink sequined purple heart that they amount that's I'm I -- -- -- and me. Heck and Bob. Yes -- -- mentioned but it's not just -- son and me this drawing attention these days. Her relationship with fellow judge -- -- -- In October -- -- released this video. They heated argument between the two -- is getting an -- in North Carolina. After the cameras. -- -- claims others had -- even further which I reported under U. She said that when -- walked off the set multiple people heard -- say. If I had a gun I would -- hoops that. Oh did you take that she said seriously it felt like an unsafe work environments. Any time anybody's. Reeling threats that somebody you know bags. It's not a healthy sitting there on the road with. Two babies I'm not gonna take any chances -- -- -- hired more security. Demonized has denied saying anything about a gun calling it a fabrication. And -- asked different comment to this story. Have representative told us she said but she -- on this topic. Look I'm doing that show this is fun but it's not my life. Indeed these -- -- is life is all about being mum after her well dressed twenty month old -- Not yes don't -- yeah. The -- I don't -- Monroe -- and it's been around and that kind of dictated her personality she it is. A total -- just fascinated agility chandeliers. Are these things and under the boy's name not contest the rock we -- She's my palate here as a -- -- -- with me. We have fun insists I'm nick is Kuwait -- -- Its victim whose sickness Nick Cannon Mariah -- husband before you. This past April the family celebrated the -- fifth birthday and true -- style with a family trip. -- how -- renewed their moments from the hotel. This kid -- hasn't -- soon be -- and I absolutely. Security. And AM. You the -- as of the year I mean you -- would do that and seriously Barbara he's just as festive as I am I am very very festive. And he kind of almost -- -- there I don't. And now and I am trying to stay close to home to spend quality time in the -- and she says. She in the -- Made up. We will get to see if that's true and next week when most. It's a great show for me ultimately this is about contestants I've been blessed to live my dream more than half my life so I -- -- help content. Back to -- -- And eighteen million dollars. Coincide with us direction and I bet don't sit there -- Britain -- so big that you -- says they've they've they've made -- -- -- -- this is really was real young and they have. Made up on that going to be sitting on different I hear a different sides of the panel one on this and land they have and you know went away it it makes the show more intriguing even though I think that -- Sharon -- Obama say how I got on -- -- more fireworks to come. That would be good for the show and nothing happened to anyone it at -- Go to Canada and a lot more Barbara's interview tonight on Nightline.

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{"id":18150404,"title":"Mariah Carey on Motherhood, Her Relationship with Nicki Minaj","duration":"5:03","description":"Mariah Carey talks to Barbara Walters about raising twins with Nick Cannon, and being an 'Idol' judge.","url":"/GMA/video/mariah-carey-interview-motherhood-american-idol-relationship-nicki-18150404","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}