Mario Batali Showcases Awesome Dishes Grilled to Perfection

Celebrity chef and some of the world's greatest dads cook up a Father's Day feast.
3:54 | 06/11/14

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Transcript for Mario Batali Showcases Awesome Dishes Grilled to Perfection
So, our great pal, chef Mario batali is here for a father's day edition of "Improve this." Grilling parties go hand and hand, with dishes just right for dad. I love this steak sandwich. I'm not going to lie. I might have tasted it already. Before we tell everybody how to make it, tell everybody about your new show on hulu. Tonight at midnight. It's called "The high road." It's a love letter to New York City and new yorkers. It's fascinating people in fascinating places. We have a conversation. And we play a little game. It's a blast. I remember you telling me about it. I'm really looking forward to it. We're cooking a delicious steak sandwich on this char broil grill. Thanks to Lowe's. And our outdoor oasis. This furniture is provided by Lowe's for our world's best dads. And you guys do deserve it. They are sampling what we're making. Tell us how we do it. We're making that steak sandwich that any kid could make with their dad or any dad could make for their kid. We take skirt steak app salt and pepper on it. Throw it on the grill. I grilled some corn. And I took the kernels off. And I mixed it with caramelized onions. I like dijon mustard. This is a little shredded romaine. A little extra virgin olive oil. A squeeze of lemon. It is. It's kind of fancy. But it's nothing you can't find in a grocery store. Then, you cook the steak until you're happy with it. And then, what's really important, when you cook the steak like this, you let it rest for a couple seconds. And then, you cut it against the grain. Why is that the best? It keeps it much more tender. You go like so. You cut it all the way across, in thin strips. And you take your toasted bun, like so. And you slather a couple of pieces of tomato. A little bit of the corn relish, like so. Tomatoes like so. Here we go. And -- It looks so easy. And a couple of slices of the steak. And ladies and gentlemen, you have a dad-happy sandwich. Would you like to try it in your fancy dress? I would be more than -- There we go. Delicious. You like it? Side dishes, real quick. Side dishes, from my restaurant in San Diego. Just near the headquarters. Pickled shallots. That's what we have. We'll give the recipes to you on I know we told you were just going to be eating with Mario. You know that grill from Lowe's. You like it? Each of you are getting one. Congratulations. World's best dads. Very special celebration. The big daddy of all surprises. We want to thank Lowe's so much,

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{"id":24086168,"title":"Mario Batali Showcases Awesome Dishes Grilled to Perfection","duration":"3:54","description":"Celebrity chef and some of the world's greatest dads cook up a Father's Day feast.","url":"/GMA/video/mario-batali-showcases-awesome-dishes-grilled-perfection-24086168","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}