Mario Batali, Tony Richardson Cook Up Tailgating Goodness

"The Chew" star teams up with the former Jets player to showcase some exciting ways to beef up your tailgating party.
4:35 | 09/28/15

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Transcript for Mario Batali, Tony Richardson Cook Up Tailgating Goodness
? We're back now with celebrity chef and "Chew" co-host Mario batali and former New York jets star Tony Richardson. Everything you need to score big with your pregame party. Welcome to you. And to our -- Thank you very much. Great to see you. Happy to be here. I want to talk to you about you and your buddy, Joe namath, very involved in the New York City wine and food festival. Tell us about it. In it's called jets and chefs. We do a giant tailgate with a bunch of fancy chefs. Joe and I throw the football around. Kiss babies and shake hands with people. You're stepping in? I'm filling in for my buddy, Joe. It will be more exciting when Joe is there in person. No, no, I would say it's exactly the same. He played 17 years in the national football league. That's up heard I am. . I love the children's books. E strawberry. Two early raersd. Back Pax or lunch, what's that? I loved writing for kids. It's been a fun thing for me. There are aps involved? Two apps well. Freckleface monstermaker game. And math game. How do you do it all? I arm it out. Someone else does it. Delegate, delegate, delegate. You're a sheer delight. Few for "Freeheld." It opens in select theater on Friday. Nationwide October 9th. Coming up, hope you're hungry. Mario batali is Ying. Bring everything prepared. Bake the wings at home, chill them. Heat them up at the game. Spending a lot of time cooking takes time away from football. There's tons of meat. What is a tip for people preparing their meat? I like to make sure if I'm marinating, I do it simply. Salt, person, hot sauce, extra virgin olive oil. In a ziploc bag. In my cooler, it stays as it should. These are simple tips that lead to great food. We have skirt steak sandwiches. You made us sausage burgers? Yes, they're Italian sausage and provolone cheese burgers. Amy robach, where are you? Don't be shy now, girl. She'll make it. You're throwing mustard into the corn relish. I charred corn. Caramelized onions. Stirred in mustard. A roasted corn mustard. We slice the steak like so, right? A little extra virgin olive oil. A squeeze of lemon. Not just a salad. Like a slaw feeling. Amy's helped herself to the sausage burger. Oh, my. It's so good. How do you do gorgeous pizzas? Buy the dough already made. Look at the "Gma" website. It will tell you how to grill it. It's also on the Lara Spencer website, too. Now you've got that. You take it like so. That is a gorgeous-looking sandwich. Cut it in half for the to of us that we are. Are you being shy? I'm just -- Amy is eating all my food. All of these recipes are on our website? Absolutely. How is it feeling? I highly recommend that. It's tasty. Amy says burger. Tell us again about you. Joe namath. The New York wine and food festival next weekend, pier 92. Our event takes place Saturday afternoon. Check out our website. Thank you. Thank you for 17 great seasons with the jets. We're going outside to ginger for a final check on the weather. Lara, save me a burger. We have a cheer for that food,

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"\"The Chew\" star teams up with the former Jets player to showcase some exciting ways to beef up your tailgating party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34099951","title":"Mario Batali, Tony Richardson Cook Up Tailgating Goodness","url":"/GMA/video/mario-batali-tony-richardson-cook-tailgating-goodness-34099951"}