Matcha Tea: the New 'It' Trend

A look at the hot new health food trend popular among celebrities
3:04 | 03/31/15

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Transcript for Matcha Tea: the New 'It' Trend
? Time now for a "Gma" to Yahoo your day and this morning we're breaking down one of the hottest health foods called match known for its big caffeine kick. Is it really a superfood? A lot of people are saying it is. Mara schiavocampo is here with all the details. So what do you think? Very green looking so does that define health. It is vibrantly healthy. It is a concentrated powdered form of green tea used for Se centuries in Japan and now getting a lot of attention due to a powerful caffeine kick and healthy benefits. ? Yahoo!." Reporter: This vibrant green powder is the newest health craze touted by everyone from the foodies of instagram including celebs like Gwyneth paltrow and Cameron Diaz. It's match, an antioxidant rich green powdered tea so with Michele promaulayko we're putting it under the microscope to find out just why it's all the rage. So how did you first hear about match. It is centuries old but now it's a really popular health drink and celebrities are loving it so we're all getting in on it. Reporter: We headed to matchabar in Brooklyn, one of the first match only cafes in the country. Unlike regular green tea that is steeped the leaves are ground and ground into a powder and that powder is then whisked into water or in this case -- What about this color? No mistaking this, this is green. Very green and it's because it has chlorophyll in it which is super healthy and detoxifying. Reporter: With ten times the antioxidants it's hailed as a superfood and with close to double the caffeine of a cup of green tea, it's often dubbed the healthy espresso. Will you teach me? Yeah, I can do that. Reporter: Then a test of my matcha-making skills. Very good and it does taste really clean and fresh. Refreshing. Kind of uplifting instead of sweeter and heavier. Absolutely. It's hard to believe it's going to give me a caffeine buzz. Exactly. Reporter: And there's one more added benefit. Some studies have shown it helps stop the growth of fat cells and it boosts your metabolism so there's hope there of it being a weight loss aide. A tea that does everything. Get a little match in your life. Cheers, to match. Now because of matchy is packaged in a lot of different ways, mix it with yogurt. It is powdered. Also even sprinkle it on popcorn so we put it through a sifter so it doesn't clump up and get that healthy benefit to the popcorn. Here's what it looks like in a mug. Added hot water. Has this cute bamboo whisk, whisk it up and give it a taste. It's almost like time-lapsed -- I'm heave released caffeine. Not only do you get more of a kick but lasts longer. "Gma" new team drink. Cheers to you. This sounds great. And more great stuff coming up. Coming up, country music

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"A look at the hot new health food trend popular among celebrities","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30025355","title":"Matcha Tea: the New 'It' Trend","url":"/GMA/video/matcha-tea-trend-30025355"}