"Meggings" Make Way Into Men's Fashion World

New clothing trend of leggings for men has people cringing and craving.
2:16 | 01/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for "Meggings" Make Way Into Men's Fashion World
Men in tights brings to mind, ballet dancers, shakespeare, and robin hood. ♪ We're men we're men in tights ♪ Reporter: Now, meggings, or leggings for men, are hitting the streets and the runways as one of the hottest, new fashion trends. Adopted by celebrities like justin bieber, russell brand and lenny kravitz. But are guys really ready to squeeze in? We met up with men at h&m to try out the look. Here's the before and after. I have to say, I feel like you're missing your pants. What's the underwear situation like? Oh, no underwear. Reporter: There is none. You don't seem to be speaking much. That's probably why I'm not speaking very much. It makes me nervous. Reporter: I want to know if you will walk out on the streets in only the meggings? No. Reporter: And you? Yes. Reporter: Thumbs up. Aaron has long been a fan and owns ten pair. I think it was a slippery slope with skinny jeans. I kept buying skinnier and skinnier pants. And then, here we are. Reporter: What do you need to pull off the look? I think tall. And skinny. Reporter: We brought in an expert from "gq" to weigh in. When it comes to coverage, men like mid-thigh. There's some basic anatomical practicalities. American men were wearing everything too baggy. As part of that adjustment, extreme outliar situations. The meggings, just do it. Reporter: But designers are banking many men will do it. High-end brands and chains, like urban outfitters and american apparel, are offering the look. I love them. They feel so good. Reporter: Phillip salem owns manhattan boutique, owen nyc. The meggings have been selling out like crazy. Reporter: He carries meggings by top designers. People are saying, where did you get these pants? They're actually meggings. Reporter: Only time will tell if this trend has legs. There's more jokes being told about meggings than men in meggings. Hang on.

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{"id":18131012,"title":"\"Meggings\" Make Way Into Men's Fashion World ","duration":"2:16","description":"New clothing trend of leggings for men has people cringing and craving.","url":"/GMA/video/meggings-make-mens-fashion-world-leggings-men-18131012","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}