Melissa McCarthy Says Designers Wouldn't Make Her Oscar Dress

The actress says her frustration with finding the right clothes has inspired her to launch her own plus-sized clothing line.
3:10 | 06/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Melissa McCarthy Says Designers Wouldn't Make Her Oscar Dress
Melissa Mccarthy making headlines this morning. One of the top stories on our website overnight. The oscar-nominated superstar, revealing in the July issue of "Redbook" that she asked a number of high-level designers to dress her for the oscars when she was there a couple years ago. And they all said no. Wow. She doesn't name names in the article. But instead, she has said that after being frustrated with finding the right clothes for herself, one too many times, she has been inspired to launch her own clothing line. Great for her. I remember that oscars. She looked beautiful. She was there with her mother, up on the center stage with us. And that's beside the point. It's so good for her to call out, without calling names, and saying -- It's unacceptable. Totally. She should call it out all the way. George wants to know names. That's not what she's trying to make it about. I love that she had to -- it was a little slower process to create the designs because her acting career was taking off so much. She had to put it on the back burner. That just speaks to her talent and level of commitment. Glad it's coming out eventually. They'd be lining up now, I would bet. New marriage trend. Check out what Amy thinks of that. Getting a lot of buzz. Should you get a social media prenup. Couples are using it to decide what's acceptable to post about each over online. Playing out serious consequences. One couple, with a $50,000 fine if you post something that your spouse doesn't want. And the lawyers are starting to see an increase in this social media clause. And some are saying that it's smart to include it because, you know, if your spouse or partner ended up posting something that could hurt your reputation, or your job, embarrass your spouse -- I call it a red flag to getting married if you have to impose a fine or a potential fine on somebody for posting racy photos on you. Don't get married to that. How about talking it out. Sure. But imposing fines and having it written down, come on. Let's find out if America agrees. I think it's a bit extreme. I agree with Amy, totally. We asked you on our flash poll, do you think prenups are a good idea? 26% said yes. And 74% said no. Amy has her finger on it. Also, in "The heat index," it's that time of year to stock up on new summer clothes. And so many people are looking for the perfect t-shirt. I also am always in that quest. A new piece in "The Wall Street journal" showing that fashion designers are all-in nowadays. There's so many choices, fitted, slouchy, thick, thin. And the prices range from $10 to $250. For a t-shirt? Most Americans own 15 t-shirts. America spends $20 billion a year on t-shirts. Easy. "B." That's incredible. It's like the jeans and the swimsuit quest. Let me know if anybody finds the perfect t-shirt. It's true. You open the drawer. You have all these t-shirts. Not for $200. We have other summer staples

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{"id":24005676,"title":"Melissa McCarthy Says Designers Wouldn't Make Her Oscar Dress","duration":"3:10","description":"The actress says her frustration with finding the right clothes has inspired her to launch her own plus-sized clothing line.","url":"/GMA/video/melissa-mccarthy-designers-make-oscar-dress-24005676","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}