Met Gala: Inside the Hottest Night in Fashion

"GMA" brings you all the best moments from the fashion's biggest event, and experts reveal their top fashion picks from the gala.
9:36 | 05/03/16

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Transcript for Met Gala: Inside the Hottest Night in Fashion
♪ wheels keep on turning ♪ There is Paige Vanzant and mark Ballas burning up the ballroom on "Dancing with the stars" earning one of the two perfect scores of the night. The other, of course, our ginger and Val getting all 10s, as well. Absolutely beautiful wa lltz. Two couple hgs to go home and they're going to be joining us live coming up. Yeah. And this morning, everyone talking about the met gala, beyonce's gown, the top searched look on Google and that was just one of the stunning styles at the super bowl of fashion. Rachel was there for it all and she's taking us behind the scenes. Hey, rach. That fashion super bowl pulled off quite a win last night. Every year people scratch their heads and wonder how the met gala could possibly be any bigger and every year it seems to do just that. This year's theme gave us a glimpse into the world with out of this world fashions that seemed one part sci-fi and one part old Hollywood glam. ♪ it's the hottest red carpet in the world and the celebs who managed an invite to Monday night's met balance were dressed to kill. The night was really a celebration of New York, a celebration of fashion. So we're really -- everyone is going to have fun. Reporter: The theme, manus X machine. Notably Kim Kardashian and Kanye west. Met balco Taylor swift. I always played it safe with silver hair but taking risks and being bold. Reporter: Showing off baby bumps, Olivia wilde and Kerry Washington. Combining the look of a gown and pants, Emma Watson. Chapeling their inner princess, Claire Danes and Blake lively and showing that thshe still knows how to make an entrance. Is this the bar? Can we have a drink? Is this comfortable. Super comfortable. Reporter: Not easy to get ready for the gala. Miranda Kerr, we got caught up with her as she prepped for her fifth met ball and the results on the red carpet was stunning. I love these little earrings, I love like the layered skirts. Doing some like -- Geometric like shapes on here and I love red. It's my favorite color. Reporter: Also turning heads, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Hudson. What are you expressing tonight? Fabulousness and glamour girl and living in the moment. Reporter: And rocking his tux a guy we know and love. How long did it take to get ready today? Ten minutes. No. It took me ten minutes but I'm looking at Rita ora and maybe I should have took more time so she would even look at me. Reporter: The last to arrive for the second year in a row, beyonce. Fitting for a queen to be fashionably late to a night devoted to fashion royalty. So it will likely translate to our fashion is braids. Lots and lots of hair braids and asked "Vogue" editor in cheer Anna wintour what look she thought would resonate from the evening and she said the color silver. That traditionally red carpet wasn't entirely red this year. It was a two-toned off white and muted red which some traditionalists had mixed feelings about. We're red hot now. We'll bring in Giuliana rancic, co-host of E! Live from the red carpet and "Fashion police" and Joe zee, celebrity stylist, style editor in chief. Did you get that post in before we came on. I did. Frantically texting that I'll be live on "Gma." Tune in. I have to. Yes. Speaking of social media, segue right there, see how I did. Zayn and Gigi. Number one couple, 20,000 tweets a minute. I was one of those. I can't even deal with these two. Their first red carpet together and what better red carpet than the met gala to have your debut. He literally was her knight in shining armor. Right by her side. I mean I loved everything about this. They nailed the theme of the night. You know, man versus machine and fashion and the age of technology and I love that they coordinated their outfits. This is what it's all about, people. I agree with you. Talking about couples you know the traditional rock star supermodel couple. This he really embody a new generation and the way they pulled it off, glamorous, sexy but spot-on at the same time. The top designer, zac Posen, oh, Clair Dane. You talk about embodying what last night was all about. Cinderella. I love that. Two words, ob-sess eed. I thought it would be this glam bot over the top. I didn't think it would be a gown you could wear to the oscars but then I saw it was glow in the dark. It had 30 battery packs sewn into the fabric of the dress. Oh. Amazing. Yes, let's oo-aah and applaud, this, people, is what the met gala is all about. This is fashion meets technology. You know what was great about the trend from last night, one side was very traditional and classic and other was futuristic robot and Clair embodied both in one dress. So true. And we saw metallic dresses were huge, kylie Jenner, you really -- I thought kylie Jenner looked incredible and so funny, robin, because I expected her to come with this really deep berry lip and smoky eye and she wears all the wigs like green and blue and but yet here she comes with the sleek little bob. Men Nall makeup for her. Beautiful dress. I just thought she looked really chic, really pretty. You were looking at big cyst Kim. I was. Okay, so I love you and I love kylie too but I'll disagree and say I voted for Kim over kylie because kylie looked great but Kim in that custom dress was molded into it. Sexy robot in a way and for Kim it wasn't a plunging neckline or sleeveless or short. It was really covered up for her in a way that felt really glam. He's good. He's very good. I'm fighting for Kim. How about one of the co-chair, Taylor swift. She was one that took the theme and ran with it. Yeah, you know, kind of like a -- it was unexpected in the sense that I thought she would come in this long gown and it was kind of this little mini dress with really cool boots answer that was that was what was so cool about it. Something very actually quite simple about this. I kind of -- I loved it for her. Youthful, fun, wasn't cumbersome. To me she's like the new generation's Debbie harry, rock, glam, all of those things and I think people are just seeing her in a new way and love that look. You know who else was understated? Beyonce. I really liked it. So you going to pull that out. Xs and Os with Giuliana. Okay, let's do it. Beyonce, of course, let's say she's the last onto show up on the red carpet again, always looks drop dead gorgeous. For the met which is so crazy and over the top you were saying go big or go home. It was a bit of a subdued year. It was a bit of a subdued year but she looked amazing and her eye shadow. We love this dress and, of course H. Is latex and everything is hand embroidered which is new but look at the eyes. Smoky like that. I love, love, love. I was like I need blue eye shadow immediately. Almost like -- it's funny when we saw it on the monitor it looked very blue but it's really dark and I just think it's gorgeous. You know a lot of focus on the eyes on the carpet. Bleached eyebrows and Kanye wore the contacts so everybody really wanted to focus on the eyes. I did see and talk about lady gaga when you talk about the met. The boots. The boots. The boot, I mean she showed up with no pants. I mean, I think the musees really pulled it out for this one because it was a theme that was so performance based and I think they could do it, Taylor, you know, gaga, I think they just all did it well. How about the boots and knowing this is the one red carpet with like a thousand steps, you know, knowing you have to walk -- you know, up these crazy stairs and wearing those boots, I mean, bow down, bow down. She never looked like she was going to falter. I think at one point someone was screaming you're finally as tall as Kate Hudson. And I was like -- Are you serious? Yes. People yell at the met -- I don't know, you mow. I thought she looked really cool. I mean it's gaga. Yeah, exactly. I expect her to do something super over the top. Everyone tricked us a little. Gaga has shown up in eggs and matching with this theme you thought she would show up with a space shuttle, you know what I mean. Teleported down. Yes, something. But I thought what was cool is she kind of went against it and did something that was a little -- It was like rocket -- had a bowie/prince influence like a tribute. Had all of that with it. You could take this act on the road. Giuliana, Joe, thank you. Thank you. Any time, Giuliana. You can see more met gala fashion when E almost's "Fashion police" returns. Time for "Dancing with the stars."

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