Independent Investigation Finds Richie Incognito Engaged in Harassment

Report confirms the Miami Dolphin's offensive lineman bullied teammate Jonathan Martin.
3:00 | 02/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Independent Investigation Finds Richie Incognito Engaged in Harassment
air classic case of bullying in the NFL. An independent investigation has found that offensive lineman Richie incognito engaged in a pattern directed at Miami dolphin Jonathan martin but the bullying went far beyond that and ABC's Ryan smith has the story. I did not intend to discuss this publicly. Reporter: Offensive lineman Jonathan martin backed up today by a report from the NFL's independent investigator that he was harassed by teammate Richie incognito. The perfect call on Jonathan martin. Reporter: The 144-page report finding incognito and teammates Mike Pouncey and John jerry, quote, engaged in a pattern of harassment directed at not only martin but also another young dolphins lineman and a member of the training staff and on two occasions martin contemplated suicide because of his mistreatment by teammates. Well, the report has been highly anticipated for quite a while. This gives us a little more context into what was going on. Reporter: Among the findings, vulgar sexual comments about martin's mother and sister, a litany of insulted routinely hurled at martin including the "N" word and notebook kept by incognito where he wrote about breaking jmart. The friendship between the two described in the report as, quote, odd but seemingly close. Richie would say they were best friends and hung out with each other off the field. If you ask Jonathan, Jonathan would say, I just sort of had to deal with this to get to a place where the harassment would stop. Reporter: Overnight incognito's lawyer speaking out against the report claiming it is, quote, replete with errors and incognito tweeting Friday "You could not define me in 144 years, let alone 144 pages." Miami dolphins owner Stephen Ross issued a statement saying in part "I have made it clear to everyone within our organization that this situation must never happen again." And no comment from martin so far. An incognito quit Twitter after those last tweets. Why would martin participate in the off-color joking if it affected him so deeply? He had to go along to get along according to their psychologist. This is consistent with the behavior of an abuse victim. Thank you.

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{"id":22532710,"title":"Independent Investigation Finds Richie Incognito Engaged in Harassment","duration":"3:00","description":"Report confirms the Miami Dolphin's offensive lineman bullied teammate Jonathan Martin.","url":"/GMA/video/miami-dolphins-bullying-independent-investigation-offensive-lineman-richie-22532710","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}