Ferguson Police Chief to Reveal Name of Officer Involved in Michael Brown Shooting

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon assures transparency will lead to justice in the case.
3:52 | 08/15/14

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Transcript for Ferguson Police Chief to Reveal Name of Officer Involved in Michael Brown Shooting
very much and joining us now the governor of Missouri, jay Nixon and Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson. Thank you, gentlemen, both for joining us this morning. We certainly do appreciate it and want to begin with you, chief Jackson. As you can understand and you just heard ray Kelly there say that the name of the officer who killed Michael brown should be released. That that's what a lot of this anger is about. Are you going to release the officer's name? Yes, we are. We're going to have a discussion late they are morning, it'll be early morning but after this we'll be having a conversation about how we're going to go about doing that but, yes, that's going to happen. Do you believe it'll be today that the name will be released today. Yes, yes. And governor Nixon, how do you feel about this because you have been calling for the tame to be released. Is this quick enough for you, sir. I think it's just one step in the process and an important step and appreciate the chief and the others getting that name out and be a step on the road to healing here and justice. Obviously we've had a tumultuous week, a lot of the chiefs and folks have been on the front lines of a difficult law enforcement situation. I think the shift we made yesterday to make calm folks down and one arrest should not underestimate how many bounces there are in the future and how deep these wounds are not just here but across the country. Everyone very relieved and much more thankful because it was more peaceful because of the shift you made to the Missouri highway patrol. Why did you make that decision. I felt an operational shift would give us a little different tone, would open up a little bit folks' ability to speak their voice and hopefully make a difference with no arrests last night certainly the first night we saw some progress and that's not underestimating what has and had been done by a number of folks before but allows them now to focus their initial decision on things like getting these investigations completed. I know you want the focus to be more on what happened last night and peace and the entire nation saw the images of a couple of nights ago and you, governor, said it was more like a war zone and saying that was unacceptable. Chief, is there anything looking back that you feel that you should have done differently, any regrets? This has been a fluid situation and the one thing that I do want to reflect on is through this whole possess not one protester, not one rioter has been injured during the whole thing and I think that's a credit to all law enforcement. All these changes were very effective. We saw that last night. So do you believe that you learned from the mistakes? Do you believe that there were mistakes that were made? Oh, yeah. Sure. But in the end, the tactics that were used, the perception throughout the country has been a little bit different than the actual reality on the ground. But a lot of times perception is reality. We learned a lot from that. Governor, how do you assure your residents there in Missouri and around the country for that matter that there will be a fair investigation and everyone is just wanting to know that there will be justice. Everyone is calling for justice so how do you assure that? I think continuing to press both the justice department as well as the locals to move their investigation. I was pleased to hear the chief indicate that this would be a day in which finally that initial name would come out and we'll work to make sure his family and there's security around that but I think those kinds of concrete steps of transparency leading to justice are vitally important now to heal old wounds that have been made afresh by this difficult and horrific situation. Well put, governor. Governor Nixon, thank you very much and chief Jackson, we appreciate your time and wish

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{"id":24993226,"title":"Ferguson Police Chief to Reveal Name of Officer Involved in Michael Brown Shooting","duration":"3:52","description":"Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon assures transparency will lead to justice in the case. ","url":"/GMA/video/michael-brown-police-shooting-ferguson-police-chief-reveal-24993226","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}