Miguel Tejada Suspended for Adderall Use

MLB star receives 105 game suspension for ADHD, sleep aid medication.
2:00 | 08/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Miguel Tejada Suspended for Adderall Use
Now another boy of summer busted this time it's one time MVP Miguel Tejada being hit with -- one of baseball's longest suspensions ever. For repeatedly using a banned substance the stimulant at a wrong and ABC's Cuban -- has. The story. This morning 39 year old store Kansas City infielder Miguel Tejada suspended for a 105 -- The stunning news comes after -- father time tested positive for an amphetamine reported at a wrong. Telling ESPN it was to treat attention deficit disorder and in the case of an athlete I guess it would allow them to focus more on their game. Which is what every athlete really wants to do to -- also telling our sister network ESPN. I admitted I made a mistake but I want people to understand one thing. I wasn't using the drug to take advantage on the field or be stronger or hit more home runs. He said he had been taking the drug for five years and that he had medical permission from the -- But that permit he says expired in April it is a -- pro active aging. And patients who take the drug generally feel that they cannot stop taking the drug. His band comes just after yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez was suspended for 211. Games. And will -- investigators saying he'd been using performance enhancing drugs. Since when he tend. Brewers left fielder Ryan -- got a 65 game suspension and twelve other players got fifty game penalties. It makes the fan ordered the the person who enjoy sports wonder. Who's on what. -- -- -- name had already been connected with doping allegations in the past in fact in 2009 he was convicted of lying to congress. About performance enhancing drugs in baseball. This punishment comes after three separate positive test even so to Hata told ESPN he does not plan to retire but experts tell us. This could mark the end of his career such a black -- for the entire -- -- -- yeah thank you.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"MLB star receives 105 game suspension for ADHD, sleep aid medication.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19993240","title":"Miguel Tejada Suspended for Adderall Use","url":"/GMA/video/miguel-tejada-suspended-adderall-19993240"}