Militants Take Iraq's Largest Oil Refinery

Jihadists now have the ability to cut power and control gasoline sales across parts of Iraq.
1:56 | 06/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Militants Take Iraq's Largest Oil Refinery
Now to the crisis in Iraq and reports this morning islamic militants have taken over the country's biggest oil refinery. As president Obama meets with congressional leaders to weigh his options, ABC's Jon Karl is standing by. He's there at the white house, but first let's go to ABC's Martha Raddatz, who is live this morning in Baghdad. Good morning, Martha. Reporter: Good morning, robin. The U.S. Is getting more and more involved here. We've got those ground troops over at the U.S. Embassy, and this morning, fighter jets above us. This morning, U.S. Fighter jets from the aircraft carrier "Uss bush" in the persian gulf are flying surveillance missions acro across Iraqi skies looking for armed militants. The warplanes backed up by additional surveillance aircraft and drones patrolling the skies around the clock, providing the U.S. Military on the ground realtime images from the Pentagon to Baghdad. But the U.S. Says there are still gaps in intelligence making large-scale air strikes difficult without significant civilian casualties. This image shows part of the reason why. From the ground, distinguishing the enemy Isis militants from the civilians around them is difficult. From the air it's nearly impossible. These forces are very much intermingled. It's not as easy as looking at an iPhone video of a convoy and then immediately striking it. Reporter: But the clock is ticking. This morning, Iraq's largest oil refinery has reportedly fallen into the hands of the militants who can now cut power across parts of Iraq and control the sale of gasoline. Which is why the Iraqi government is now pleading for U.S. Air strikes but that is not likely to happen any time soon, George, if at all.

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{"id":24207206,"title":"Militants Take Iraq's Largest Oil Refinery","duration":"1:56","description":"Jihadists now have the ability to cut power and control gasoline sales across parts of Iraq.","url":"/GMA/video/militants-iraqs-largest-oil-refinery-24207206","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}