'Mob Wives' Season 4 Introduces 'New Blood'

The ladies of the VH1 reality show stop by 'GMA Live' to discuss the new season and new cast.
3:00 | 12/05/13

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Transcript for 'Mob Wives' Season 4 Introduces 'New Blood'
Guests are here I can't pretend like they're not here so we're gonna -- until rundown honest and I want to -- to you. Big being stand right here I have to say as I read on the treadmill may be I've -- on -- -- -- All the time already very busy women mothers aunts -- -- and superstars in the reality TV world. And they all have. Elected -- Here's a mob wives and eliminate having back -- these shell welcome welcome welcome. Out of our -- she sighs again in the -- -- -- -- and her eyes met I don't doubt. I watched them when I'm on the treadmill so well okay what went seasonally on already. -- that is incredible hero dad so I'm weight is their blood in the title of sniper. Tonight and I really glad I don't worry here OK so it's just about a -- personal Lisa how hard -- how. I mean you know what you're getting in fort see you kinda know what you're entering -- not really. A I'm holding my own yes he definitely is running buddy is that that's a mean -- addicted. You -- soldier you are not this is not for shrinking -- this is not for the week apart and -- absolutely not you. -- -- to have a strong personality. Out of it a tough woman I think all lot of this lifestyle you have a strong yeah. You build one -- but what's it like having strong personality with cameras constantly following the whole -- -- You don't want to say and do certain things -- I mean I do everything I don't wanna find them because. You just how not to say enough is how I'm not -- that's not gonna fight him not come and I do everything nice -- I'm not going through its heart the cameras at where all -- real witnessed by ourselves I don't know what it's like watching your back I mean did you didn't think how I don't like it not I can't leave by Saturday see are actually have -- -- and a lot of embarrassment. Yeah what's your biggest why am I different myself. I. Did that trip that we don't want. The heads up when my relapse as was really really hard to watch an advocate and you all the content. Did not say look I got yet not a month. Q but its spell -- say it is my own I couldn't I should've got it right you know I -- added I -- get it but even on the show like this it's institute. We in real life. Is suddenly captured like you know is it we hadn't. Win the human condition is quarter revealed like need to see you watch about UC Everett -- but. From what what was that like especially in those who would win win it returned yet and yet to fight the fight again what that was like. My affirming he heads I -- I get very depressed and it's like that one moment and just like. You know what does make me feel better and then it'll go away and then that I'd rather feel like you feel better again today and it's just that you know so. I think for me I I -- I I'm glad it happened because I'm glad I get to see what. What happened -- like look like I'm sorry to say it that way but I am I I'm I -- I feel it is and definitely. Sent to stay in recovery. Out there and that's a message for everyone -- how he. -- relationships changed now that there -- all for all of us to watch on treadmills and couches all across America on the world. I don't I don't know if. It changed. I just things that I think they were we all learned a lot about ourselves being -- you know yeah on TV and seeing certain things and I know I saw a lot of things about myself I I wanted to change and I did like last year. Like I didn't like a lot of things being a parent -- now. I was like all my kids are gonna watch this one -- you know that's how I think all the time and that's not fond. Now now it's as sad that nineteen year old is going to be twenty years old and he led really. Really liked my friends are you -- and it kind of makes you feel. Shame. You know there's little bit this year you know somewhat -- -- -- Who don't think you can get you thinking that The Sopranos unity here mafia certain new concept that come to mind what do you think the biggest misconception is that people have about. Your family's. And the show itself that -- Motorola has Klein Gloria and ambulances have -- walk around for -- yeah Simon drinks and make them believe life is grand. Yet the fur -- is probably got left his you don't have how did that yeah I -- -- you don't -- right. I thank god for the forgot that you got to -- doesn't -- -- now. -- it goes away. -- -- again -- we see that. And movies and get on TV and maybe we even think we. Could I had a sense of what that's like that really. They -- -- that and the movies like they don't show that's why this show was so great. Everyone has about love and they just loved. Everyone loves the godfather everyone loves to watch him -- they have a seat inside the home in that balancing the kids suffering and they don't see the mom suffer and the wife. And it's great that it shows that because the young kids out that they do think it's cool I wanna be against that but now it's not and -- -- everyone -- Time for Clinton can -- -- whip -- hundred Angela Reagan meeting as we mined in nearby yeah let's look at that well that's not him not that yet that now there aren't -- -- yeah. Different kind of hang. -- Did not only just -- -- -- and just play she. Because we do not come to light that it. Data -- you gotta be somewhat frustrated I -- -- ten. -- and friends but. OK I come here I didn't expect the tragedy and I. Really appreciate. I diet yeah. -- can't or won't play and I don't -- theories about -- eyes -- -- life -- I will buy you what anything you want you want -- -- don't touch my vote. You can have the summit is Roxy yeah. And wants to remade headway because we actually have learned how did you won't exactly and -- I mean you don't matter. So when she isn't that big in the -- its way I was like I was shock. I do not have a shot off before that some love soccer. I love -- -- -- yeah I know that you are series you were seriously areas she was talking about violent girl have a five year old daughter myself and who only think she'll watch -- -- me sometimes but she really wants to watch it when the girls are playing she wants to watch the US women's national in the senate. You're raising your -- now you are you immersing them in this outbreak that I have be fighting like girls -- I know what my father put me on a -- scene for about 1213 yes and two years older than my brother's team. And he did that so what he put me on the girl's seat would be its view would be get out and and again I would love to do that would just vowed to meld the one that lot of my five year old six. She loves soccer. My -- this is likenesses -- electronic. Crazy like they just run it all the time my my -- and spent a little -- kicked the ball with me is on you yeah. In the ballet -- But I think -- I think -- art and I really didn't play -- make sure I play with Aaron I'm putting on a team I'm. Palm still left and -- -- -- It was great to read about today in -- Now -- -- god -- it was something that I gave up and I always regretted you have to solve it. But it's you can you have the next generation. Warning about -- and criminal. -- Yeah. It's something they. I'm not sure did lose his bid gloves and landed -- the. This season premiere of mob wives the new -- it is tonight 10:9 central. VA declined as -- -- sat on the treadmill and I think and I am happy. I.

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{"id":21109298,"title":"'Mob Wives' Season 4 Introduces 'New Blood'","duration":"3:00","description":"The ladies of the VH1 reality show stop by 'GMA Live' to discuss the new season and new cast.","url":"/GMA/video/mob-wives-angela-big-ang-raiola-drita-davanzo-21109298","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}