What if Your Mom Wrote Your Twitter Bio?

The "GMA" anchors and Charlie Sheen discuss what their Twitter bios would look like if they were written by their mothers.
7:36 | 01/12/17

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Transcript for What if Your Mom Wrote Your Twitter Bio?
this Thursday morning. Great to have all of you with us. We have an empty seat here. Yeah, it's about to be filled. I went to this guy's house the other day and hung out. Hang on. He has decided to come to our house, everybody, welcome Charlie sheen. Oh! ??? Welcome to my house ??? ??? welcome to my house ??? Stop. Oh, my gosh. Wow! Hi. Good to see you. First time here. Oh. Oh. I know. Things have changed out here. Just a little bit. It was wonderful the time you gave to Michael and we got to know you a little bit more and two pieces that we had yesterday and it looks like you're just in a really good place. How is it today for you? I mean so far so good. Okay. I have to survive the next seven minutes. But I have to thank a few people. I got to thank Carly at theneiman's for looking like this and Stacy tore delivering me on American airlines and I got to thank uncle jack for all the meat in my teeth. That's all I got. It's like an acceptance speech. You talk now. You talk now. I told everyone you're going to get a shoutout and I just did. You are a man of your word. I'm not getting paid for any of that stuff. Just a good guy. Just a good guy. They don't pay you? Well, for other things they occasionally do, you know. But not for that. I promise I spend it too fast. Here's something else I got. I want to bring this topic to the table. Awesome. This is trending on Twitter. And you are the fastest one to ever reach a million followers on Twitter so you know a lot about Twitter. You've given us some of the most memorable quotes ever on Twitter. Oh, shucks. But we all have -- we all have our Twitter bios and yours says like actor, director, this and that. Winning. Right. But what would your hagtag be -- My man. Your hagtag. Love it. It's live TV. That's what happens. So you guys -- you guys drink on this show? You know, I'm not already drinking on this show. But what would your hashtag be if your mother wrote it. The bio. What would your bio be and we said what yours is but what would yours be, Charlie, if your mother wrote your hashtag? Geez. No pressure, no pressure. Hash#, geez. Good thing we're not live. Hashtagcarlosiechaz, #my favorite. That's nice. Favorite son. Emilio. I know. Sorry, Emilia, Ramon and Renee, sorry, but, but the late great Sam Kinson once told me that if you're a third son, then your mom's favorite because you remind her of your dad when they met. Really? Yeah. Son one and son two, no go. I mean, yeah, I mean -- not -- Yeah, thank you, George. Sam Kinson must have been the third son. Yes, he was. You have a big movie coming out too, "Mad families." Yeah. Congratulations on that. Thank you, thank you. One of the writers, producers. How is that working with David spade? It was just two takes. A couple of pros, just doing their thing. Yeah, it was really cool. Had you worked with him before. No, barely met him one night. No, I was just -- it was a metro nommic rhythmic hug fest. I just wrote like three words. One of like 60 movies you have been in and some of the characters -- Is that true? Yeah. One of my personal favorites Ricky Vaughn. Oh, thank you. I love that movie. Yeah. Do you have a favorite? Well, no, but that haircut in bars on steroids, it led to let's just say a few grumbly moments, you know. Like that. That's one way of putting it. Anyhoo. Your favorite role? Oh, geez, I -- I haven't delivered it yet. Really. I think that's great. No, I don't think it's so great. What the hell, man. I'm kind of hurt. Take a look at this. Matter of life or death. Something incredible is happening. At the highest level. The president's top aide, Bobby bishop has just uncovered a conspiracy. You're playing George. Badass version of me. "Shadow conspiracy." A long time ago. That opened on an airplane, stupid, stupid. It opened in a viewmaster. Sorry. A couple of people got that, thank you. Here's what's radically bizarre. My life is all about cosmic collision courses. Yesterday I'm looking for a lighter, sorry, I still smoke, whatever, and I find the I.D. Card from that movie. Come on. Look at me. I am such a bad liar, I don't know how to. No, that just happened like 46 hours ago. I love that. Meant to be. It says white house staff and says Bobby -- what's the character name? I forgot. Who cares. Who cares. So many movies you can't remember them all. Can we get back to the movie on crackle. "Mad families." What is it about. Can I just say this, I'm the guy that put the crack back in crackle. Oh, no. Too much? Too much? I got a laugh right there. Green shirt, I got a laugh. Awesome. Well, I wanted to just let everybody know where you could find "Mad families" on crackle. It's a campsite on the fourth of July and three diverse families get booked on the same day. Insanity ensues. Yes, it does. Yeah, yeah. Going to a clip. No clip? We got it right there. You're doing so well, Charlie. Thank you, thank you. Thank you for coming on, man.

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{"duration":"7:36","description":"The \"GMA\" anchors and Charlie Sheen discuss what their Twitter bios would look like if they were written by their mothers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44724399","title":"What if Your Mom Wrote Your Twitter Bio? ","url":"/GMA/video/mom-wrote-twitter-bio-44724399"}