2004 Miss Venezuela, Ex Murdered

Investigators are trying to determine who killed Monica Spear and her former husband.
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2004 Miss Venezuela, Ex Murdered
a famous telenovela star. She and her ex-husband gunned down right in front of her daughter. The killer still at large. Linsey davis has all the details. Reporter: Such tragedy ig details. She was well known in the spanish-speaking world as a soap star actress and beauty queen and this morning she and her husband are the latest high-profile casualties in a country where kidnappings and killings and armed robberies are becoming pore and more common. 2004 miss venezuela, she was a model and actress. Reporter: At one point named the fifth most beautiful person in the world but this morning investigators are trying to determine who killed monica spear and her ex-husband thomas berry as their 5-year-old daughter looked on. even the president of venezuela promising justice in spanish. Spear was a u.S. Citizen and lived in florida, but the couple was in venezuela to visit her sick grandmother. Just days before her murder the 29-year-old had even taken to twitter to make a plea for people to donate blood. But around 10:30 monday night it was spear who needed help. She and her family were driving in this gray toyota corolla when they got two flat tires after it was lifted on to a tow truck they were approached by robbers. Terrified they locked themselves inside the car and assailants fired six shots killing them and injuring their 5-year-old daughter. It wasn't the miss venezuela title she won in 2004 that made her so beloved. It was the telenovela roles. Reporter: Venezuela had more than 24,000 homicides last year, one of the highest in the world. In sharp con tass to the ugly violence there, spear tweeted some of the beautiful landscapes of the country in this video of her vacation just six hours before her death. There are reports that the suspects may have booby-trapped the road to snare drivers. Police have arrested five suspects. As for mya, their 5-year-old daughter who witnessed all of this, she's reportedly in stable condition after treatment for a leg wound and is with relatives in caracas.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Investigators are trying to determine who killed Monica Spear and her former husband.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21459097","title":"2004 Miss Venezuela, Ex Murdered","url":"/GMA/video/monica-spear-2004-miss-venezuela-abd-husband-murdered-21459097"}