Mother, daughter meet for 1st time live on 'GMA,' 30 years after adoption

A woman who gave up her daughter for adoption more than 30 years ago met her in person for the first time today.
8:32 | 11/16/17

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Transcript for Mother, daughter meet for 1st time live on 'GMA,' 30 years after adoption
We have a wonderful story to share with everybody. A remarkable reunion just moments away. 31 years in the making for this woman, meribeth. She's going to meet her biological mother for the first time. But first we want you to hear her story. Angela oracoy was a teenage mother who gave up her baby for adoption in 1986, mother and daughter separated at birth. I heard her cry and they were coming to bring her over to me and someone said, no, she's put her up for adoption so they took her -- they didn't bring her. Gloria she snuck a peek at her in the nursery as she left the hospital. I really believed in my heart that she could have a family that could support her and that I did not have to offer. Reporter: Her daughter meribeth was adopted by Rick and Diane Smith who could not have children. At the age of 6, I was told I was adopted. Reporter: Lots of unanswered questions. Even going to the doctor, they would ask, you know, what is your medical history and I would never know. Reporter: The growing pains of being a teenager only deepened meribeth's pain of not knowing her biological mother. It's hard because you love your adoptive parents so much but at the same time you just wonder where you belonged. Reporter: For 30 years they both wondered. I would see people and literally hear girls, is that her? I wonder if that's her. We thought about taking a trip to New Orleans just to see maybe if I could see anybody I looked like or if I was going to ever run into her. Reporter: As life marched on Angie had three more children, meribeth had three kids of her own. For years she looked online and hit lots of dead ends and heartache. I finally got to a point where I was just done searching. I didn't ever think it was going to happen. Reporter: Then one day on my, the search ended. A screen came up with my DNA results and it said estimated relationship, mother. It said it was my daughter. Communicating only by text and e-mail. We think it's best that we both hear each other's voices for the first time in person. Reporter: Catching up, learning about each other and their families. The first thing I want to do is hug her and give her a big kiss, definitely. Take her in my arms because I didn't get that chance. Oh, my. How are you? I'm good. Thank you for having me. You're very welcome. That was the first time you even heard your mother's voice. Yes. The emotions you're feeling right now? It's overwhelming. We know this has been 31 years in the making. First time you're going to meet your mom. So if you don't mind could you stand up for us. We'll stay down here. Okay. We'll have -- we're going to have your mom come on out. So, Angie, come on out and meet your daughter meribeth. Oh, my god. Love you. Oh, my god. You're so beautiful. Oh, my goodness. Hi. How are you? Good. How are you? Hi. Thank you. Oh, my god. Goodness gracious. You've waited for this moment. You were not able to when you were in the hospital -- we saw in the story you wanted to hold her and the nurses said because she was being adopted you couldn't. Oh, my god, it's awesome. Such a good feeling. It feels so natural too. And you wrote a letter to her that she never got to read. What did it say? In my letter I hoped to express to her that she never felt that I didn't want her and that I truly was hoping that she would forgive me and understand my reason for doing it was so that she could have a life that was better than I could provide. And you're adoptive parent, absolutely beautiful. Oh, yeah. Everything that your biological mother wanted for you. Yes. You did receive and they had -- have a message for you. They just want to say thank you and that you gave them a blessing that they could not receive. So they love you for doing that. And will be forever grateful. Ah thank you. Angie, you never met your grandchildren. I know. I know. I can't -- Are you ready to finally meet them. I am so ready. So come on out, Jackson, Matthew, Lillian and meribeth's husband, Thomas. Oh, my gosh. There they are. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my goodness. Oh. My goodness. Hi. Hello. Hi. Hello. You're so beautiful. Hi. Oh, my goodness. I'm going to move over here and you all sit over here. The family couch. Getting crowded rightfully so. Are they going to be okay right here? How was this for you? Did you ever think you'd get a chance to meet your grandchildren. I know. I didn't even know I had grandkids. At this point it's awesome. This is amazing feeling. It's surreal. It's mind blowing. Speechless. I'm really speechless. How is your beautiful wife through all of this? She's a trouper. A lot of emotions involved. Good emotions so come to a good ending. It's not over yet. Because there is more family for you, meribeth. Wait, there's more. That's right. You're going to meet your siblings so you know what, come on out, you guys. Reed, Brianna and Grayson. Oh, my god. Ah. Have a seat. Listen, take over the couch. Take over the couch. Everybody is so pretty. I'll sit on your lap, Michael. No, that's okay. I mean but look how family -- Unbelievable. It really is. Unbelievable. This is beautiful. I grew up as an only child so to know I have siblings that I wished for at Christmas every year is wonderful. And how did you all react when you knew -- that you had a cities ter? I don't know. I wasn't that surprised. I mean I was the only girl so I guess it was kind of shocking but, yeah. Yeah. Beautiful. Interesting. And it was all through online and being able -- My heritage. Yeah. My heritage. My heritage, yep. We're glad you did it. Me too. It is great to see a family come together like this. It really is amazing and it's perfect time for the holiday, as well. Your Christmas list just got a lot bigger. Give a shoutout to my heritage for bringing the family

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{"duration":"8:32","description":"A woman who gave up her daughter for adoption more than 30 years ago met her in person for the first time today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51187095","title":"Mother, daughter meet for 1st time live on 'GMA,' 30 years after adoption","url":"/GMA/video/mother-daughter-meet-1st-time-live-gma-30-51187095"}