Celebrities Buzz About the Video Music Awards

Big names such as Jennifer Lopez and Sam Smith tell how it feels to be at the VMAs.
2:48 | 08/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrities Buzz About the Video Music Awards
It all works. Going to see. But first, the 2014 m"mtv video music awards" had some of the most daring fashions. Caught up with Miley, j.lo, and joining us from L.A. This morning is cam to talk about it. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. Let's -- let's face it, Lara. The VMA red carpet is like one big party. Packing the fans in, everybody lining up, trying to snag a selfie with their favorite performer before the big show. So much action on stage. But red carpet styles we just can't stop talking about. ? It's a little bit of a mad house. But in a really good way. Being here is a freaky experience. I have watched since I was a young, young boy. Trying to take it all in. Reporter: Screaming fans begging for celebrity selfies drowned the planes of landing at L.A.X. This is so loud. It's not as loud in England. When you love something, you scream. Is that right? Before the show even started, winners crowned on the red carpet. The Australian group five seconds of summer picking up a prize voted on via social media. Just found out we won best lyric video. I'm still kind of shake. Reporter: Congratulations. You just found out? Literally. Reporter: Are there any fashion rights and wrongs on the red carpet here? Always. Reporter: Really? I think so. Just try to be on the right side. I think all the wrong things are the right things. That's my attitude to fashion. This is right, some people think it's wrong. Reporter: I love this. Look at this. You will not lose this tonight. That guy's wearing spandex -- whatever kind of pants. Those are sparkly. I want ten pairs. Reporter: Best-dressed couple. You look fantastic. Thank you. Reporter: And look at the kicks. Can we have a sneaker off? Put your sneaker up there. There it is. Miley Cyrus, wrecking ball. Reporter: Video of the year winner Miley Cyrus picked her outfit based on her hunger for hamburgers. I wanted to go to in and out, so wear something that wouldn't stand out too much there. Reporter: I love it. Good times at the "VMAs." Miley Cyrus making very different headline this is morning compared to last year. No kidding, that was a touching moment.

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{"id":25111829,"title":"Celebrities Buzz About the Video Music Awards","duration":"2:48","description":"Big names such as Jennifer Lopez and Sam Smith tell how it feels to be at the VMAs.","url":"/GMA/video/mtv-video-music-awards-2014-celebrities-buzz-vmas-25111829","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}