'Mystic Pizza' Cast Walks Down Memory Lane

Stars of the coming-of-age classic movie return back to set for reunion.
6:28 | 10/16/13

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Transcript for 'Mystic Pizza' Cast Walks Down Memory Lane
today, we're so excited about this. Kicking off our "gma" reunion week -- hey. Starting this morning, with "entertainment weekly." And we got to sit down with some of the stars of your favorite tv shows and movies, as part of the magazine's reunion issue. And we're starting off with a bang this morning. The incredible cast of a classic, "mystic pizza." Jess cagle, editor of "entertainment weekly" sat down with the stars. Mystic pizza. I have to give them my highest rating, four stars. Jo, the only reason to get married is to get out of mystic. "Mystic pizza." The coming of age story of three young women in the sleepy seaside town of mastic, connecticut. It became a classic. We were there when the cast came together for "entertainment weekly's" annual reunions issue. What is it about this movie that's stuck with people all these years? Each character was completely written. And the chemistry for three of us for each of those roles was very specific. And magical. It felt like there was something kind of innocent and pure about it. And there was -- we had an openness, I think, and a willness. And from that, just something special started to happen. Reporter: But "mystic pizza" was the story of three young women, and their guys. Three couples. Three relationships. I wanted to ask each couple here today, which scene you remember shooting together? And if you can't remember, i have some suggestions. I'm going to start with this couple, billy and annabeth. Oh. Everyone says -- that was before our -- some cool, preppy -- when you're making out in the attic. We did, actually. You made out, really? Annabeth's mother was behind the camera. No. Julia and adam. Look at them. Oh, my gosh. Look at that dinner plate of a face. Is there a particular scene you remember shooting together? Well -- for me, it's the fish. The fish. Hey. Pretty profound. As a girl, that's what you do in those parts. My car. That was very gratifying for you. I'll tell you, a real story. I was fishing that giant barrel of water over all night long. There was also the dinner scene. He takes you home to meet his family. And they're a bunch of horrible racists, for one. But matt damon was your little brother. Mom, you want my green stuff? Anything like, I can see you doing huge acting. I was seeing him as jason bourne, actually. We're moving on to our third couple. Whoa. Look at you two. Look how hot you guys are. Probably the wedding scene, the fainting. As long as you both shall draw breath on this earth. Vincent d'onofrio tried to get out of the film. First, there was annabeth, who was -- I had never seen anybody that age that would talk like she. And miss roberts, you knew she was going to be a huge star. There was no doubt in our minds, any of us. She was like a bomb waiting to go off. A fish bomb. And lili was a premiere actress. She was phenomenal. The three of them were so uniquely different and so uniquely powerful in their own ways, it was striking. Lightning round. Who was the most intense actor of the group? Vince. Who ate the most? Vincent. Who drank the most? Vincent. No. Who had the most fun? Julia. Yay. Why is that? I don't know. I think I'm the most innately happy. Just -- no, I mean -- I'm always happy. Reminiscing about a small film that had a huge impact. Hard to believe a quarter-century has passed. You know what I wonder? What? What the hell do you think we leona puts in that pizza? That's all I want to know. The only question. What is in the pizza. Jess cagle, everybody. Editor of "entertainment weekly" with more on the all-star reunion. And a preview of what's to come. How hard is it to wrangle a cast like this? We spent about a year going out to all different casts. And some of them, you can't find. Some of them are too busy you can't schedule. And a couple of them are, i never want to see those people again. Thank you for the invitation. This one was fairly easy with "mystic pizza" because julia roberts wanted to do it. We asked which movies she wanted to do -- she was very -- there are a few. This went before "pretty woman." This was the moment for her. Yes. When you see her in this, you know she's a huge star. Even now, you look at it. And you know why america fell in love with her. I love the behind the scenes stuff. What went on there that didn't make the piece? We got these t-shirts done, the mystic pizza t-shirts they wore in the movie. They're not going to want to put on t-shirts. They saw the t-shirts and they had to put them on right away. That's great. Why do you want to be photographed? It was really cool. We did "heart to heart," which you have tomorrow, those two just had -- robert wagner and stephanie powers had that chemistry, that happened immediately. Good chemistry. That's coming up. So much more to come. Thank you, jess cagle. "Entertainment weekly's" annual reunion issue out on friday. Stay with us.

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"Stars of the coming-of-age classic movie return back to set for reunion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20585520","title":"'Mystic Pizza' Cast Walks Down Memory Lane","url":"/GMA/video/mystic-pizza-cast-walks-memory-lane-20585520"}