Neil Patrick Harris performs a live magic trick, thinks it's a 'really great hobby'

The Emmy and Tony award-winning actor discusses his new children's book, "The Magic Misfits."
6:46 | 12/04/17

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Transcript for Neil Patrick Harris performs a live magic trick, thinks it's a 'really great hobby'
Great audience. Deserve a fantastic guest and we're bringing one to the table. Won an Emmy an a Tony award. Multiples as an actor and thousand an author of "The magic misfits." Please welcome the multitalented Neil Patrick Harris. How are you doing? Okay. Hey. Welcome back. How are you? How are you? How are you? Good to see. You how you doing, man? Good to see you. Thank you. Hey, guys. Wow. My own chair. I looic this. Welcome. Thank you. Congrats to you. I like this vibe with a live audience here. New for you all. We said congrats because your book debuted at number three on "The New York Times" best-seller's list. Thank you very much. Indeed. It's called "The magic misfits." "The magic misfits." A series of books. This is a series of four. Dealing with diamonds. A group of quids in a small town that realize their love of magic through that -- they think they're more misfits and don't like that and come to realize that together they're stronger and they have adventures and there's magic tricks to learn in the book and there's secret codes and stuff that are in there. Some Easter egg stuff. What ages? It's a middle reader book so 8, 9, chapter book style. I'm excited by it. It's really fun. Doesn't it hit close to home. You were a magician as a child. Yeah, magic is my thing. I've loved it for a long time. It was my main hobby. I grew up in small town new Mexico and would drive to Albuquerque to visit my grandparents and there was a mall and magic shop there called fool's paradise and that was just my thing. I would save my allowance and go and stand next to the magic case and ask to see tricks and then use my allowance to buy said tricks and on the ride home I would sit in the backseat and learn the secrets and practice the tricks. It's a great hobby. Live magic, live entertainment I think is really fun and certainly worth talking about and I think I talk about magic as an idea within the book too. Can you teach us. Misdirection. Not only for a magic trick but the idea of misdirection, ideas of keeping secrets, of practicing and practicing and practicing as opposed to here's a magic trick, want to see it. This is how it's done. We do want to see one. You do give us instructions. One of the things -- so the magic in the -- the magic in the book is more for kids so I was trying to come up with something that was not really necessarily a magic trick but just rolling coins on fingers. This isn't a trick. This is just more of a skill. Oh, my gosh. These are half dollars. In the book we talk about quarters. Put it on your first knuckle. I have one in my pocket too. Yeah, then you'll want to roll it onto your second knuckle so it flips over and over again so like a tabletop. Right. On your first knuckle. On your first knuckle and lift your second knuckle up? Ah. And flick it down so it falls on to -- I got it. Well, I have the ring. I had it. What happens if your knuckles are swollen from football like mine. Then you need to use a silver dollar to make that happen. But you dedicated it to your beautiful kids. If you're really good you can flip it. Whoa! Oh. Whoa! You fooled us. You had us going. Have you talked to kids? I don't teach our kids magic. They just want toshow how tricks are done but I also like that they think that I have magical powers. Yeah. Because then I can make things disappear if they're fighting over something, I can make it aa -- they think I'm a wizard person. Like to keep it that way till they're 17. Do they have the performing gene? It comes and goes. Harper is a bit more of a performer. She's in hip-hop class right now. And she likes to sing all the time. Our latest lullaby I sing "Casting on a many club" from "Les miserables." Gideon is into hot wheels and legos and he is into minecraft. Is that okay for a 7-year-old, mine craft? Is it? I don't know. Is it? But is that young? Is that too young. They have to think. He was playing final fantasy. I don't know how he found that on his iPad. I look and final fantasy for like 12 and up. The kid is 7 so we had to have a long talk about that. In addition to the book you also have a movie coming out called "Downsizing." Matt Damon movie. Alexander Payne directed it. An interested thing about what would happen in a current future where you could be reduced to -- Five inches. Five inches tall which means you're say 30,000less, $40,000 you're struggling with actually values out to be millions of dollars a year when you're that small. You can live in a mansion. You can have everything you want. We have a little clip, right? Is there a clip? Okay. Let's do it. Welcome, everybody. I'm Jeff lenoski, happy homeowner the leisure. Land he date states. Having a good time. What do you think of my place? Just wait till you see what's inside. ??? I was up till midnight watching it and think the trailer and think it's one thing but it's very much what you're talking about. A deeper message to. Absolutely, it's not meant to be a broad comedy. It's not "Honey, I shrunk the kids." It's Alexander Payne who directed it and getting a lot of critical response and it brings up some thought-provoking ideas of society and societal ideas so I'm happy to be a part of it. Just have a small part. Congratulations. You got a lot going on. The book and once we learn this part, will you teach us that part, whatever you did, that was -- unbelievable. Thanks, man. Tell you, what, Neil, thanks for coming and his book "The magic misfits" is out now and everyone here in the audience

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{"id":51554621,"title":"Neil Patrick Harris performs a live magic trick, thinks it's a 'really great hobby'","duration":"6:46","description":"The Emmy and Tony award-winning actor discusses his new children's book, \"The Magic Misfits.\"","url":"/GMA/video/neil-patrick-harris-performs-live-magic-trick-thinks-51554621","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}