NeNe Leakes Takes on Broadway

The star of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is about to make her Broadway debut in "Cinderella."
4:21 | 11/06/14

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Transcript for NeNe Leakes Takes on Broadway
Nene Leakes, everybody. I'm getting blond advice from the blond and beautiful nene Leakes. Brand new season of the real housewives of Atlanta. Set to kick off. She's set to make her Broadway debut in Rodgers and hammerstein's Cinderella. You have a clothing line. I do. You are a busy, busy woman. Start with the housewives. Yes. Here we go again. Okay. Where are we picking up? Most surprised by in season seven? I think the episode one, you're going to see me in Vegas hosting cirque du soleil, and this is the seventh season. I'm the O.G. On the cast. O.g.? The only original housewife. Yep. Love it. So the relationships have definitely changed on this show. And we have a lot of new girls around. Yeah, how is that for you? Do you want to give them advice? No, I don't. You know nobody gave me any advice. Nope. They don't give you a handbook that comes with this. You have to learn as you go. And so it's kind of different when the new girls come around. It kind of changes the dynamic. Of the new girls, what is the one you're most like watching it in slow motion? I say that about every new girl. Are they making mistakes that you're able to see and go this is not going to end well? I don't like when they come on and they're just doing so much. It's like -- it's a lot. It's a lot when they come on. It's like they're trying to manufacture -- Trying so hard. Yeah. Really disturbs me. When we started with me and Kim way back, we were just being ourselves. And these girls now come on and they do so much. You know, just to be on camera for a few minutes. Do you call them out? I do. I say how much did they pay you now? Yeah. This sounds like good TV. I don't know about you guys. And we love your -- you've become a bit of a cultural force with your sayings. I think we have a picture to show everybody. You customized your bag. I did. Tell me about this picture. What am I looking at in. That is the bag with the nene--isms since I have been on the housewives. Bloop, I'm rich and wig. I love bloop. I remember that. That was the early days. And plunk, and so nasty and so rude. All those things. And you were none of those things as you make your Broadway debut, my friend. What an awesome experience that must be. Isn't it great? I was just so blown away when they called and asked me to be a part of it. Sicinderella, taking over the role of Sherri shepherd. Madame. Are you -- you're a little naughty? Well, yeah. I am. She has a very big personality. She sort of tells it like it is. She said a L of things. I don't know how you got cast in that role. It's weird. I don't know how I got cast either. She asks for an apology at the end. I love the character, she sings, she dances, bosses people around. I feel like I'm listening to an episode of house wives. All good. And you talk about the clothing line too. Which seems so natural. You have become such a stylist. This is actually a nene Leakes collection piece. It's at HSN. It's size 2 to 24. It's an affordable luxury line that I wanted to do for every woman every size and every age. You know what I have to say to that? Yeah. Bloop. It's really great. I love being a designer, by the way. And an actress. I love being a housewife. We love having you on the show. I had a game I wanted to play. But there's never enough time. Why? Bring your girls to Cinderella. I will bring my daughter and a friend. My son I cannot promise. Bring the girls. Nene Leakes, everybody. Season seven, the real housewives of Atlanta, on bravo. And Cinderella, starting November Sometimes, caring for your neighbors

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{"id":26729170,"title":"NeNe Leakes Takes on Broadway","duration":"4:21","description":"The star of \"The Real Housewives of Atlanta\" is about to make her Broadway debut in \"Cinderella.\"","url":"/GMA/video/nene-leakes-takes-broadway-26729170","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}