Newlywed Murder Suspect Allegedly Talked About Killing Parents

Prosecutors asked to use evidence against woman accused of pushing her husband of 8 days off a cliff.
3:00 | 12/02/13

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Transcript for Newlywed Murder Suspect Allegedly Talked About Killing Parents
First, the latest on the montana newlywed facing trial for pushes her husband off a cliff eight days after their wedding. Prosecutors prepared to show evidence. Reporter: With just a week to go before her murder trial begins, montana newlywed jordan graham may have new allegations to defend against. Prosecutors have asked the judge to allow them to introduce evidence that the 22-year-old talked about killing her mother and stepdad just a month before authors say she did murder her husband, cody johnson. A mere eight days after their wedding. ♪ Everyone wants a safe place to fall ♪ Reporter: Fbi agents say graham pushed her blindfolded husband face first off a cliff in july because she didn't love him anymore. She's pleaded not guilty. Her attorneys say it was an accident. That the newlyweds were figing an graham pushed him away in self-defense. Prosecutors hope by introducing evidence she allegedly wanted other members of her family dead, the jury will get to know what they say is the real jordan graham. The key is discredits her statement and background and statements about other potential harm to people. Reporter: Prosecutors are asking to introduce evidence that she made up abuse allegations against people she dated before johnson. The judge has not ruled on the admissibility of either yet. Jordan graham remains free on bond. Staying at the home of her mother and stepdad, the very people prosecutors say she talked about killing. For "good morning america," ryan owens, abc newsi, dallas. Let's get more on this from dan abrams. The idea that she may have threatened to kill her mother and stepfather. Can they get that into evidence? Very, very unlikely that that would come in. You weigh the prejudicial impact of something hike this versus how probative it would be. If she takes the stand, I expect she will, she makes a comment like I never would think of hurting anyone. I would never think of -- that opens the door. Then they could say, ah, ha. We want to discredit that statement. They have a better shot of getting in the evidence that she had made up allegations against past boyfriends. That could be tough as well. The evidence of a blindfold just mind-boggling. Up until a few weeks ago, this seemed like a case of did she push him from behind or the front, et cetera. If this wasn't about pushing at all, someone being blindfolded on the top of a mountain and then pushed -- that's a fundamentally different idea. We don't know if they'll try to pursue that. They want to remain consistent in what they believe happened here. All this make a plea deal less likely? Yeah. I think the prosecutors don't trust her at all. They don't think this was -- it seems that they don't think this was a little altercation. If they believe this is premeditated, I don't think they can reach a deal at all. Certainly, when we first heard, it seemed like a plea case to me. Thank you, dan. Now to the incredible story

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Prosecutors asked to use evidence against woman accused of pushing her husband of 8 days off a cliff.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21067325","title":"Newlywed Murder Suspect Allegedly Talked About Killing Parents","url":"/GMA/video/newlywed-murder-suspect-jordan-linn-graham-allegedly-talked-21067325"}