Nora Ephron's Life Celebrated in 'Everything Is Copy'

Jacob Bernstein's documentary tells the story of his mother -- the woman behind some of the biggest romantic comedies ever.
2:15 | 03/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nora Ephron's Life Celebrated in 'Everything Is Copy'
We all remember Nora ephron. The driving force behind some of our favorite romantic comedies like "When harry met sally," "Sleepless in Seattle" and now a new documentary reveals her private side by her son. Here's ABC's Chris Connelly. On her way to becoming one of the most respected and admired writers of her time, Nora ephron was never short on opinions. Just ask her son. We are going to Langer's for what my mother believed was the greatest pastrami sandwich in the world. Reporter: Show could make a rom-com rise like a souffle. Yes, ah. I'll have what she's having. Reporter: As a director of such films as "Sleepless in Seattle" she smashed Hollywood's glass ceiling. It's you. It's me. Reporter: So much of what made Nora ephron unforgettable. Sometimes I wish my husband were dead. Reporter: Now in the splendid HBO documentary "Everything is copy." I wanted to make her laugh. It was like winning an Oscar. Reporter: Written by son Jacob Burnstein. Where does that come from. My grandmother would say everything is copy and the meaning of the phrase is this aggravating sad thing that happened to you today is going to be a funny story later on and so that became sort of my mother's mantra. Reporter: The 1979 demise of her marriage to watergate journalist Karl Bernstein, Jacob's father was a media sensation but ephron turned lemons in lemonade with "Heartburn." Look at these flowers that you bought for her and you occasionally brought me home wilted zinnias. Reporter: Few knew she had leukemia four years before her death. It was unthinkable to her. Reporter: What do you miss about her. The trenching observations about the wore. I'm sad she wasn't here for the oscars so white controversy. I think she wobble would have boycotted the oscars if if she was here at Langer's? She would be ordering a pastrami sandwich. ABC news, Los Angeles. Your mother was right. I've had the pleasure of meeting Jacob. He is a fine young man and great example of his mother. Monday on HBO.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"Jacob Bernstein's documentary tells the story of his mother -- the woman behind some of the biggest romantic comedies ever.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"37732795","title":"Nora Ephron's Life Celebrated in 'Everything Is Copy'","url":"/GMA/video/nora-ephrons-life-celebrated-copy-37732795"}